170 thoughts on “Cool Pools~

      1. With eyes to see, with a heart that feels, your photographs capture the sweetest moments. Thank you for sharing that gift.

        ‘The camera is much more than a recording apparatus. It is a medium via which messages reach us from another world.’ ~ Orson Welles


    1. I admire you for being upfront and open about it. This helps take power away from fear. No need for the pool to be an infinity anyway. They are many other beautiful pools that would work just fine for you. Be well Felicia <3

    1. If you want, try it sometime by yourself, with a view, and watch the sunset. Some people like it floating in the pool. I actually saw a woman do this in Antarctica in a small thermal pool. She looked in complete bliss.

  1. What a beautiful setting for an outdoor pool. I remember years ago sitting in an outdoor pool with no one else there soaking up the tranquility and night sky. Thanks for sharing this slice of heaven on earth Cindy!

  2. I’m not much of a pool person, Cindy. That is, I don’t particularly like being wet, but I love the idea of relaxing poolside — especially when the view is that amazing!

      1. Ahh, the moon… we get to see it on occasion. Stars… gotta drive out of the city.
        We had an amazing sunset about 3 months ago. Brilliant red… some sort of unusual atmospheric condition for Toronto.

          1. We need to be out of the city to see the aurora, too. You should have stayed awake in Churchill!!
            You get some fabulous light shows all over the prairies, even southern prairies.

  3. Peaceful place, pictures and thoughts! It is nice state to be alone and feel comfortable. I like it because I can be myself and enjoy. The other time is all about duties and responsibilities. The best way to escape all that stuff is to leave the home for some time. 🙂

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