Sequoia in the Fall~

The forest in late fall,

is emptied of people,

full of magical colors,

still and expectant.

Winter is coming!

Cheers to you from Sequoia in the fall~

236 thoughts on “Sequoia in the Fall~

  1. Third time around, Cindy. This post reminds me that we are part of nature – that we belong to this earth, to the soil and rock that sustains our steps. Gravity! I was reading an article about the need to find a way to bring gravity to space. When we are in zero-G, our muscles atrophy quickly, we are no longer able to maintain our posture and we can lose up to up to 20 % of our calves and leg muscles. Earth is our home, BUT we are curious creatures and our need to explore will continue…who knows. It’s a new decade approaching. I’m delighted that we are entering 2020 together.

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    • Interesting. I remember Scott Kelly had trouble walking after he returned to earth after 340 days on the international space station. Sounds like ‘Occupy Mars’ still has some details to hash out. It puzzles me that some people may actually think we can leave this planet if we ruin it irretrievably. I also look forward to sharing 2020 with you Rebecca. Another year with my great blogging friend. I wonder how many it’s been!

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  2. Love all the beautiful colors of fall and nature scene. Hope you had a really nice Thanksgiving and have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones and family. God bless you and yours, Cindy.

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