Valparaiso Open Air Art II~

The city of Valparaiso Chile is full of over a thousand large scale open air art murals, some like the one above, cover the walls of multi-story buildings.

The first murals were painted by art students from a local university in the 1960’s and 70’s, in an area of the city called Cerro Bellavista.

This area is now a landmark named El Museo a Cielo Abierto (The Open Air Museum).

Valparaiso in entirety was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003.

Walking in this city wide open air art museum, one is struck not only by the talent of the amazing artists,

but also by their appreciation of the beauty,

joy, and humor of life.

To this day, artists are continuing to add their talented contributions to this remarkable city.

Valparaiso is a magnet attracting artists of all kinds. Their artistry makes visiting here a pure joy.

Cheers to you from beautiful Valparaiso and her amazing artists~

200 thoughts on “Valparaiso Open Air Art II~

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  2. How can you not love street art such as this? There is so much to observe, and appreciate, and learn hidden in the surface beauty. The cats were my favorites. Wonderful pics, Cuz 🌺🐱🌹

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  3. Oh wow, I want to visit. There are some places in Glasgow and London that would really benefit from such vibrant and colourful, talented artistry. I drove through the City yesterday and there is some ugly graffiti and lots of litter and I would love to just colour it all over.

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    • I so agree. Take a run down and neglected area and turn the artists living there loose to turn into an outdoor art gallery, drawing people, and their cash back to the area. Pure genius! Everyone wins. ❤

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  4. Looking again here. (Great thing about online travel: you can drop everything snd go. And go back whenever) Bright stuff, an energy and attitude I haven’t experienced, but admire, sometimes wish for. Hard to come by in buttoned-down, manicured suburban mid-west.. Grateful for you!

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    • Online travel has no congested airplanes with airplane germs, no lost baggage, and no cost. It is the best way to fly! Your comment touched my ❤ Thank you! And I do know exactly what you mean. In so many countries color is celebrated, mixed around, used so creatively. I love it. I come home to beige on beige American suburbs and wonder why we are so timid about color.

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      • I meant to say, the whole thing stops me: the colors, the forms, the story, the sign, and the facts that someone made this right there in the street, and that you thought to put into your little electronic museum. Cheers all around!

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        • You know the amazing thing about the sign? The artist incorporated the painting around it. How cool is that! I just loved the cleverness and whimsy, and how it captured the the cat’s cute cattiness. Cheers back to you Albert. It is lovely to meet you here in our peaceful electronic world.

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  5. These artworks are so beautiful. I really admire their talent. Thank you so much for sharing. Just looking at these gave me so much happiness

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  7. Valparaíso en la noche,
    Siento tus pasos de baile,
    Van recorriendo mi cuerpo,
    Van despertando mi sangre,
    Valparaíso en la noche,
    Eres más libre que el aire. (…)

    From ‘Valparaiso en la noche’, a beautiful song by Angel Parralog is marvellous

    P.S. – Cindy, your site is marvellous! 🙂


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