In a world chock-full of beautiful birds,

Inca Terns have to be some of the most stunning,

and unique.

Their looks are matched by their winsome personalities.

Inca Terns are the only member of their genus, Larosterna.

They are restricted to areas enriched by The Humboldt Current, off the coasts of Peru and Chile.

They are a near threatened species.

Cheers to you from the always wonderful to find, Inca Terns~

194 thoughts on “Incas~

  1. Thank you Cindy for sharing this information and wonderful pictures.
    They are indeed stunning terns and the ones we have by the coast are lovely and swift
    but lack totally the colours of the Inca terns.


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  2. A truly stunning bird.. A Puffins very distant cousin.
    Really beautiful shots, Cindy!
    Almost everything beautiful on this planet seems to be approaching endangered.
    It’s people like you, and National Geographic that remind us… do not forget nor forsake! xx

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