Palomino Islands~

The geologically stunning Palamino Islands are off the coast of Callao Peru.

The boat trip out to visit them is exciting as the waters are rough, especially in the narrows between the islands.

Local fisherman brave the rough seas in their small pangas. There is an abandoned prison on one island reminiscent of Devil’s Island, and there are multiple old shipwrecks in the treacherous waters.

Like Isla Ballestas, which I will show you next, these Peruvian islands are a wonderland of marine mammals and birds, including Humboldt Penguins. The Patagonian Sea Lion nurseries, where mamas drop their babies off for group day care while they go off to fish, are especially fascinating. Doesn’t the adult baby sitter in the lower right corner look just a tad stressed? I can relate to how she must feel!

Child care duty takes a village!

These huge southern sea lions are friendly,

and very curious.

They seem to enjoy checking out the humans who come to visit.

Cheers to you from the remarkable Palomino Islands~

204 thoughts on “Palomino Islands~

  1. What an amazing place. ( What is your secret to knowing so many amazing places? :D) Love the sea lion nurseries, although I wouldn’t like to be one of the adults in charge of so many littlies. 😉


  2. I am Peruvian and a few years ago, I had the opportunity to be in those places. It is still attractive to see marine life that little island. Your extraordinary photos, remind me of a youth where the adventure in the sea was the best on school vacations and I was not afraid of danger. It was a surprise because I now live in Venezuela for 43 years and the nostagia returned. Thank you very much for this moment.


  3. I liked how you use the word ‘exciting’ rather than harrowing to describe your boat trip out. 🙂 I can see the mama seals doing daycare duty wondering what to do with all those crying babies. I loved seeing so many all in one place. Don’t think I’ve ever seen the babies before. What on earth brings you to all those glorious places? I would so love to travel that much. Enjoy your Easter.


  4. Cindy, this was fascinating with unbelievable images…thank you for taking us along with you to a place I will never see personally but have been so lucky to travel with you. Safe travels.


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