Costa Rica Croc Walk~

When hiking in Costa Rica and Central America, one needs to not be so mesmerized by the flora and fauna,

that one fails to notice the crocodiles, which is actually quite easy to do, since they are so well camouflaged. Do you see them here? Looking like logs in the river?

Sometimes you won’t even see the crocs, but you will see the holes they rest in and their drag marks.

How doth the little crocodile 
improve his shining tail,
and pour the waters of the Nile
on every golden scale!
How cheerfully he seems to grin,       
how neatly spreads his claws,
and welcomes little fishes in,
with gently smiling jaws! (Lewis Carroll)

After you come upon a croc unexpectedly for the first time, you are far more vigilant in the future!

Cheers to you from Costa Rica’s crocs~

199 thoughts on “Costa Rica Croc Walk~

  1. Nobody wants to meet face to face with one of them. For the adventure, the fear would leave and for the photos, it is seen that they enjoyed their hobby in spite of the bad companies. A good Sunday for you.

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    • True, “no one wants to come face to face with them!” I watched from across a wide river as a truly massive croc pull himself out of the river to sun in Panama a few years ago, and I saw a person hiking upon him by surprise. He pulled back in time, but I can well imagine how frightened he was. I was frightened for him! Happy Sunday to you too!

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    • It’s always a thrill to see wild critters including crocodiles. I remember being so excited seeing them in Africa and this lady just sniffed at me and said, “They are very common.”
      Not at The Holler they’re not! 🐊

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  2. I actually love crocodiles and I can’t honestly tell you why. I’ve always admired them a lot when I was a kid. These pictures are beautiful and they are intriguing creatures. This is beautiful. I cannot wait to visit there

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  3. Well, well, I’d rather not meet a croc. Love the Lewis Carroll quote.
    Do crocs have anything to do with Croc Pot s?You know, I really, really hate those Croc sandals.
    Thank you for his wonderful post! It’s been a Croc! πŸ˜€ xx

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  4. Can such creatures be beautiful? The photographs themselves are, but the the objects seem so ominous, lying there thinking only about what might pass by. I know that they think because of their eyes and how they try to hide a smile.

    Many years ago I made a little booklet of poems for my dad and brothers about a sailing/camping adventure along the inter-coastal waterway between the Alabama shore and a group of barrier islands. Your photographs and the Lewis Carroll lines brought to mind of one of those poems. It’s about Gary, who came hopping back wide-eyed across the hot sand, waving and shouting because he thought he had seen a vision. If I can find it, I’ll send it along.

    I very much appreciate the photography work in all your posts. It helps me travel, see, think, and sometimes remember,

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    • What a thoughtful and interesting comment. Your comments make me happy I posted. Crocodiles have savage beauty, the beauty of nature and her pitiless power. Thank you for your very kind thoughts.


  5. Omg i didnt even notice them initially!! So well hidden!! They will give serious competition to chameleons!! Nature is full of such amazing phenomena!
    Great pics Cindy!! How did you manage to get such close pics? Zoomed or were you brave enough to get up so close? πŸ€”πŸ˜°

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      • I just watched the video. So heartbreakingly terrible that people have to walk in the dead of night on foot to fish, and get in the water at night when they know there are crocs around, so utterly dangerous and so clear that if they don’t do this, there will be no food to survive. I got your emails. I want to visit. I am thinking of 2020. I will email you.


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