Flown Away~

I have flown the coop,

heading off to distant lands,

where wifi will not fly, so I cannot read your posts or respond to your comments,

at least for the first week or so.

I will look forward to touching base with you when I can, from sunny South America.

Until then, cheers to you & be well~

171 thoughts on “Flown Away~

  1. Enjoyed the pictures; what was the manufacturer of the camera stick you used, or did you control a drone to follow your plane. Looking forward to interior shots.


    Je viens sur la pointe des pieds te déposer un café

    Que ce soit après un doux réveil ou après un bon repas
    Il est d’un gout
    Au doux breuvage légèrement corsé et fruité
    Pour bien commencer en douceur ta journée ou autre
    IL réchauffera ton cœur
    Sous sa douce chaleur dans ces subtils arômes
    De mon café s’échappe une petite fumée aux milles et une douce saveurs parfumées
    Pour un doux réveil après une douce nuit ou après une moment de repos
    Que les arômes de ce doux café
    Viennent en ta demeure s’évaporer
    Pour y laisser ces douces notes parfumées en embaumant ta demeure
    Bonne journée à toi que j’apprécie sincèrement
    Que tu vives avec tes proches de délicieux moments

    Bisous , Bernard

  3. Have a fabulous time, I’ve loved catching up with your blog today, I’m having a bit of vocal rest today as I’ve been overdoing it preparing for auditions and a big competition or three! Eek 😬
    Those rain photos it’s as though California has a years supply in a month or two! Amazing birds too, I like the Osprey’s attitude, if I can’t see you you can’t see me 😀.

    1. Yes! If I ignore you, you might as well not be there. It’s the same logic I had at age three when I would close my eyes while stealing cookies from the cookie jar so my mother couldn’t see! Rest up & best of luck Charlotte <3

    1. Happy too, I stood under those planes after they just took off and got a crick in my neck taking them! I took them at Liberty Station in San Diego where the planes take off right over the old Naval Training Center.

  4. You are SOOOO fortunate, Cindy, to be traveling to distant, sunny lands! Safe travels, and send back some of that sunshine to chase our winter gray skies away, okay?!

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