Red Shafted Flicker~

The Northern Flicker is a type of woodpecker.

In the western US, Flickers have red cheeks and tail feathers, but in the east they have yellow accents.

This guy was so relaxed around me, he started snoozing while I was photographing him,

and then hopped over for a closer look!

I photographed him in The San Bernardino Mountains, near Big Bear Lake California.

These photos were taken before the region was hit with five major storms, leaving several feet of snow and alleviating the drought.

Cheers To you from snowy & birdie, Southern California~

254 thoughts on “Red Shafted Flicker~

    • I cannot believe all the places you have lived. I would love to read a book about your life. Maybe we ran into each other in Big Bear. I used to go as a kid to ski and remember they often had St. Bernard puppy litters there to play with. Pure heaven!


  1. What a beautiful bird he is! Flickers are always shy around here, but I hear them in the summer more than I see them.
    I’d heard about the tons of snow they are getting in the mountains – some places had 10 feet – omg! 😮

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  2. Flickers like these occasionally drop in at my place and check out the suet hanging from the clothesline. They are very smart looking. I love those spots, and the orange under-wings. Your great photos let me appreciate them better than my real life sightings.

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      • You are welcome Cindy. It is only fair to compliment good art and seek to learn the secret in the ‘recipe’. I realize Sony have an edge over their competitor models because of the Carl-Zeiss lens technology. There is a certain crispness of picture that brings images to life in a way few other do. I use a Nikon D3400 and B500.


        • Also, wonderful cameras. I am basically a Sony person at this point. My other camera is the new, very fast RXII. I am worried that Sony seems to have stopped further productions of the HX series and doesn’t seem to be coming out with a HX500, which is very disappointing. The camera is rather fragile, which could be the reason, but it’s zoom and stability are awesome.

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  3. Breathtaking scenery, Cindy and beautifully captured by you! As for the Flicker, it’s as if you’re best of pals and it’s happy to pose for you at great length! Wonderful colouring and patterns. Happy Weekend and thank you for sharing a snippet of your travels with us … a lovely start to my Saturday. Xx


    • I have wanted to get decent photos of this bird for a long time, but they were just too shy, so I was amazed when this handsome guy let me take so many, so close. Thank you for your very kind thoughts Annika ❤ 🐦

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  4. I did not know that wood peckers have cousin that is good looking. I am wondering the red shifted flicker do have the same habit as the wood pecker or not. I like red shifted flicker color tone of its feathers better. The black dots on the brown look great.

    Those are gorgeous scenery pictures!

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