Big Morongo Canyon Preserve~

The Big Morongo Canyon Preserve is a verdant oasis in Southern California’s San Bernardino Mountains.

The 31,000 acre canyon is surrounded by desert,

and is one of California’s ten largest perennial oases.

The preserve is a riparian wilderness with Palm Trees, Cottonwood Trees and Willows, as well as a variety of native shrubs and flowers.

It is a critical wildlife corridor sheltering mountain lion, bighorn sheep, mule deer and bobcat.

It is also hosts up to 274 different varieties of birds during the spring and fall migrations.

The marsh like preserve is perpetually flowering even in late fall and winter.

Cheers to you from the happy wildlife at Big Morongo Canyon Preserve~

161 thoughts on “Big Morongo Canyon Preserve~

  1. Love the shot of the deer checking to see if you got it’s best side. 😉 Those areas are so beautiful. I hope it’s getting enough rain so it won’t catch fire. Those things worry me.

    • Thank you Marlene. We just got hammered by 5 storms in a row, so for for the first time in a long time, SoCal has enough water! However, the snow in the nearby mountains wiped out our wifi tower so we have no internet! I am at the library.

      • I’m glad you have enough water finally. And snow in the mountains means water later in the year. But no wifi!!! Not nice of mother nature. 😉 They have been working on ours so it’s intermittent. That old saying, when it rains it pours, seems applicable here. ;( Hugs and enjoy the library.

  2. Oh Cindy… thank you so much for taking us on such wonderful journeys. Since I am unable to travel… how beautiful it is to have your most spectacular pictures and words to wander.
    A most beautiful day to you…

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