Bluebirds of Happiness~

Western Bluebirds live at The Holler, but basically never visit The Holler Spa.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was when these beauties showed up in force!

I am convinced they came,

as bluebirds of happiness,

to wish you a very Merry Christmas and even Happier New Year!

To you and yours this season,

and into the New Year,

Cheers from The Holler~

306 thoughts on “Bluebirds of Happiness~

  1. The birds are lovely but your photography is amazing! I am truly moved by your images, your compositions, your angles and the point of capture of wildlife that you have is absolutely genius! Great work! Thank you for sharing such beauty!

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  2. Absolutely beautiful! I see these at my local park this time of year. Looks like you are into birds; my husband and I love to bird-watch whenever we can. East Africa is one of our favorite places to watch hundreds of birds πŸ™‚


  3. Hi Cindy, I enjoy your photographs! I came across some of your bluebird photos from 2018 when I was looking for photo references and was wondering if you’d mind if I used one to paint a small painting. I’d love to give you credit for the photo. Would that be alright with you?


    • I would be honored and would love to see your painting. I think you may be referring to Western Bluebirds. Lots of them live here, but they are the shyest birds I have ever managed to capture. Where I live they have so much space and they are magical elusive birds. The time they settled on the water was epic for me, and maybe them. Please, paint them and thank you დდ


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