You may remember Herbert, the feral kitten we adopted about seven months ago from the wonderful organization, “Love Your Feral Felines.”

 Here he is all ‘growed’ up, and definitely a most important member of the family! 

If it weren’t for ‘Love Your Feral Felines,’ Herbert would have been euthanized. He is such an amazing, social and loving cat, and he always looks you straight in the eye! We are very grateful to have him.

Herbert enjoys being my secretary cat, but has difficulty following directions. (This reminds me of all my report cards from elementary school, and I still, proudly, have this problem).

Herbert goes through kleenex like nobody’s business. (Now my husband will know why he is buying me so many boxes of kleenex. He thought it was my allergies.) You can’t keep secrets when you blog…….

Here he is being “King of the Fountain,” in his own private courtyard!

Cheers to you from ever vigilant Herbert, the no longer feral cat~

365 thoughts on “Herbert!

  1. I’m going to catch up soon but so glad I caught this one. Herbert is quite the photogenic gentleman! He talks to you with his eyes. He’s absolutely adorable and I understand how he makes you all very happy. Curious too. 🙂 Hugs and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

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  2. Bonjour ou bonsoir CINDY

    Mignon le petit chat meilleurs vœux 2019
    Je suis ton ami qui est présent partout dans le temps
    Toi mon ami ou mon amie
    Je te considère comme une étoile
    En toi je vois cette âme qui scintille et tu me redonnes du sourire et l’envie de vivre
    Moi en échange je t’offre mon honnêté , ma sincérité , ma bonté
    Passe de merveilleux moments avec les tiens et tes amies pour cette année 2019
    Bonne journée ou belle soirée
    Bisous Bernard

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  3. Love that Herbert the Cat! I am a life long cat lover but I cannot have one as my wife is allergic. Now I saw that a friend had two Sphinx cats and being as how they are hairless, I think allergies will not be a problem. But your cat is quite lovely!

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