You may remember Herbert, the feral kitten we adopted about seven months ago from the wonderful organization, “Love Your Feral Felines.”

 Here he is all ‘growed’ up, and definitely a most important member of the family! 

If it weren’t for ‘Love Your Feral Felines,’ Herbert would have been euthanized. He is such an amazing, social and loving cat, and he always looks you straight in the eye! We are very grateful to have him.

Herbert enjoys being my secretary cat, but has difficulty following directions. (This reminds me of all my report cards from elementary school, and I still, proudly, have this problem).

Herbert goes through kleenex like nobody’s business. (Now my husband will know why he is buying me so many boxes of kleenex. He thought it was my allergies.) You can’t keep secrets when you blog…….

Here he is being “King of the Fountain,” in his own private courtyard!

Cheers to you from ever vigilant Herbert, the no longer feral cat~

360 thoughts on “Herbert!

    • “Cats are always “most important”, that’s the way they think of themselves.”
      Exactly! And in their case, who can disagree with their priorities!!! Laughing…..

      • I wish full healing would be that soon Cindy! Realistically, my surgeon said at least 2 months to recover. Alot was done down there and mt body us trying to adapt to all the trauma.

          • Thanks Cindy. I need all the prayers I can get. Very miserable right now. See my surgeon for followup on Thurs. Did manage to go out to an event last evening with a group i belong to on a large Christmas parade boat. Paid in advance and we did alot of prior planning. When I do a post about it, don’t be deceived by my smiles. Lot of padding and pain meds taken to hold up. Didn’t want to be a Debbie Downer for the others. Everthing else I had planned last week, I cancelled. Just too much pain to enjoy.

  1. I’m not particularly a feline-lover, Cindy, but even I have to admit Herbert is a handsome dude! He seems way more fascinated by your camera than Dallas does, which makes for lots prettier photos!

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