Holler Hot Summer Blooms~

Spring time blooms,

have long since passed,

as summer sun bakes the land.

Prickly cacti,

wake and yawn.

Emboldened by the heat,

they burst with blooms.

Delicate blossoms,

grace the garden.

Cheers to you from The Holler’s Summer Bloomers~

204 thoughts on “Holler Hot Summer Blooms~

  1. Summer is baking the UK this year, too. I have a garden full of brilliant but thirsty flowers, and those in pots need watering twice a day, but they’re worth all the hard work. I’m afraid my garden and the sunshine are a major diversion from my computer, hence my long absences from visiting my dear friends’ blogs. Please forgive me, Cindy. I’m sure the rain will come again and drive me indoors!

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      • Yes, I love the warmth, as I’m skinny and normally feel the cold, which means the winter is utter misery to me. I’m not into sunbathing as such, and like to sit in the shade to read outside, but love going for walks in the sun and doing my gardening.


        • I remember being in Burford for the summer when I was young and a heatwave hit. I have never seen so many sunburnt people all at once in my life! So good for you, stay in the shade. Britain is so very beautiful in the summertime ❤

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    • Though we had to water our plants regularly the extreme beautiful Summer gave Europeans some lovely time to enjoy nature, though we here have no opportunity to see such beautiful cacti flowers thanks for sharing them with us.

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      • I read your post about the effects of the heat wave and other bloggers have been talking about it too. I am sure it made the summer lovely especially in the colder areas. It has been the hottest year on record here too. Thank you for your kind thoughts & cheers to you ❤

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  2. the flowers are so perfect they look like crepe paper flowers, my Mum bought me a book of how to make paper flowers and I think I’ll use these photos for ideas and colours 🙂 looking again at these I think it’s important to put in a few different colours and brown some of the edges to make them more realistic.


  3. The photos of the flowers are lovely. Absolutely gorgeous. I love the baby owl story. So sweet. I’m finding it hard to comment on post and WordPress still won’t let me like any posts. It’s so frustrating. Cheers to you Cindy. Thank you for sharing such wonderful life-giving moments.


  4. It’s really quite amazing that something so delicate can arrive on these prickly cacti ! You really must have to watch where you walk or back up in your garden 😀 Being such a klutz, I’m sure to be the one you’d find impaled in there. I guess you don’t have any problem with critters nibbling on your plants either. It’s all very exoctic and beautiful through your lens. It’s the only view of the desert I’ll probably ever enjoy because I fear the heat. I’m so climatized to cooler weather, even Washington, DC was too hot for me. I damn near turned Alys and Pauline into popsicles with the AC in our room, LOL ! x K

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    • I am reading a book titled, “The Last Frontiersman,” about a guy from Wisconsin who is one of the most isolated homesteaders in Alaska. He says 20 below is mild, “sweater weather!” I was in 50F below once and that was enough for me. Silly me thought it was warming up since the frozen river was smoking. I stepped outside and learned fast! Both extreme heat and cold suck the sap out of you. 105F hits your body like a force much like deep water pressing on you from all sides, 115F and up, just sucks the life out of you, quickly.

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      • Holy snap! 115F and I’d be finished for sure. If it his 30 C (86 F) I’m whining big time. it was 32 C here a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t even be outside. I’m with Mr Frontiersman, cool is better but I wouldn’t be out in a sweater at -20 F (-28C), LOL….but that’s pretty normal here over winter. It’s the wind that get’s you though 😀

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      • So exciting!! Our daughter is expecting her 2nd beginning of September. Is she close by?? Hope so. It’s hard to not want to rush out and get all those cute baby things (and books!) when you know there’s a new baby about to appear. So happy for you– twins!!! I know she’ll be glad to have your help! xox

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