Looking for a Dog~

I have been distracted lately because we have been making the rounds of rescue organizations looking for a dog.

We were getting overwhelmed with choices, when I decided to look at cats for a change. I am both a dog and cat person, my husband is also, but he is predominantly, Dr. Cats Knoke, “The Feral Cat Herder.” Some of you may remember this post about Jim’s core “catness.”

Anyhoo, The Holler’s local veterinarian referred us to a non-profit organization run by a network of volunteer feral kitten foster parents called, “Love Your Feral Felines (LYFF).” LYFF rescues feral cats with kittens, and separates the kittens at 6 weeks to be raised by foster families so they don’t become feral like their mammas. Feral Mama’s are spayed and returned to where they were, or adopted out as barn cats in their barn cat program.

Check out some information on this brilliant organization and it’s amazing network of volunteers who open their homes to feral cats and kittens:
We met lots of wonderful, healthy kittens and three amazing foster mom volunteers. Thank you Sally, Katie and Kim! All the kittens are up to date on their immunizations, have tested negative for FLV/FIV, have been micro-chipped and spayed. If you are thinking of adopting a kitten, consider a feral cat rescue organization like LYFF.

I was getting overwhelmed with choices again. But then we met Herbert, an 11 week old feral kitten who is in no way feral any longer, and all the confusing choices slipped away. So this is our new dog Herbert!

Look at this total love bug! He and his two sibs were raised by a super nice foster mom named Katie and my husband agrees this is the most well adjusted kitten either of us have ever seen. These photos were taken today, during his first twelve hours, at his new Holler home!

He explored The Holler, slept in his bed, and purred on our laps in between.

And here he is discovering the hummingbirds! I imagine Herbert and I will spend many days together hummingbird watching! We both are fascinated by them, albeit for different reasons. Don’t worry though, the hummers are safe. Herbert will never be outside because of the coyote danger, but he does have a sunny interior courtyard with trees to enjoy, as soon as Mrs. Black Phoebe vacates her nest.

Many thanks to “Love Your Feral Felines,” and cheers to you from little Herbert in his happy Holler home~

498 thoughts on “Looking for a Dog~

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  2. Great photos. I love that you made a forever match. I searched for a long time before we found our dog who was rescued from California, sent to a Montana shelter and then we found him. After months of looking and going home empty handed, I found my Zip, who met very little of my criteria, but I knew was my next pet.


  3. Herbert is beautiful! I have a feral girl who wasn’t socialized in her first 6-9 months. It took me seven years to bring her ’round but now she loves to be petted and even hugged from time to time. I called her father “lovebug.” He was socialized. Miss him.


  4. What a beautiful post! Herbert looks so inquisitive and sweet and I loved the expression he adopted whilst watching hummingbirds – just beautiful!


  5. I’m so sorry to be late for this welcome party! Congrats on your new “dog!” It’s easy to see why Herbert stole your heart, Cindy. What a beautiful kitten.
    Crystal (and my late Aspen) were both feral rescue kittens. The rescue groups are saints.
    You’re the cat’s pajamas for sure. Hugs.


    • Yes, the rescue volunteers are such inspiring people and they do such important work. They turned a feral kitty like Herbert into the most affectionate, happy cat I have ever had the privilege to meet! <


  6. I think a kitten is a perfect choice for someone with your wanderlust! And good job selecting one so in need of a loving home. He is adorable!


    • Yes, Herbert is a most exceptional dog. The Love Your Feral Felines organization and volunteers prove that good people do good for no other reason than just doing good. They are wonderful.


  7. Welcome, dear Herbert. ❤️ He looks so adorable!❣️! 🐾🐾 Lucky Herbert to have found a new home at yours, Cindy. A Changeling Cat is indeed something unique, he looks ever so handsome. Wishing you all the best!

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    • Thank you! He is just the best cat ever. We now cannot understand how we lived without him. Hope all is well with you two. I don’t want to tell you where we are supposed to be going next…… Last time I did so, I jinxed it. So I am not telling you. 😉 ❤ Hugs to you Dina~

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      • Klausbernd is a nod dog person, (although he thinks he’s simply neutral like never mind) and I know I’d better give up on a dog and settle for a cat. A Norwegian forest cat was high on my list, but we live in a bird reserve and many pheasants visit our garden several times a day, a true joy and I wouldn’t like to give up the birds because of a cat. If I could have Herbert’s brother or cousin, I’d more than happy to find a solution. Like you did with only keeping him inside or sheltered outside. What a cutie he is!! To die for. I have an idea where you are heading next. 😉 Have a wonderful trip, dear Cindy! Looking forward to seeing your coming posts. Hugs from Norfolk. x ❤


        • I would so much love, some day, to bump into you, on our mutual wanderings. It would be an incredible experience to tromp about with you, and our cameras, oh, and your fairies too of course. We have to bring your fairies ❤ ❤

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          • What a lovely idea! Why don’t you just come to North Norfolk one day? We’d love to guide around here! Including our fairies of course. We live in Cley and Cley has got an iconic Windmill with the most romantic setting …
            See you soon! At the edge, on the North Norfolk coast! 🙂 👋🏻🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🌊🇬🇧


  8. Dear Cindy,
    I am wondering why I thought I had wished this newest member of your family a big hug and welcome. . . Maybe I dreamed that I wrote this or didn’t push send?
    Anyway, I had pushed like on this and meant to say I love your dog/kitten!!
    Kitties can act like dogs and follow you around, play with toilet paper as you are in there, then want to jump up and watch you put makeup on. . . My good guy friend has the cat, Phoebe, who was thrown out of a car one night on his farm. I ran and the cat would not come for days, but did eat the food we set out.
    We bought an Amish cat house for his porch, put one sock of his inside it, eventually the cat was so impressed with Bill’s efforts, she would come into his house.
    One weekend I came out to help him with a project, Phoebe followed me the entire day! 😘 Bill has Phoebe still and she gives me meows and purrs when I visit, remembering me. ❤️ She’s a pretty 8 year old calico! xo


  9. It’s great what that organization is doing to address the feral cat problem. I have a cat and a dog, both indoor pets. I love cats, but I also love birds and lizards, and I worry about feral cats preying on them. Herbert looks like a fine fella.


    • Yes, I share your concerns. Herbert does has an interior garden courtyard with a fountain and today he met Mr. Lizard who lives there. He has yet to meet Mr Toad who also lives there. The lizard didn’t looked pleased to meet Herbert, but he held his ground!

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    • It is such an important decision, so I fully empathize. It seems like waiting until you are 100% certain of your choice worked for me. It is like a date where you know you have met your match. It just clicks. Maybe this might work for you. Best of luck.

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