Chilean Open-Air Art~

Chile is full of stunning street art.

Throughout Chile, large and small towns, are decorated with amazing open-air art, that is valued by the country and citizenry.

In Punta Arenas for example, the local government issued a statement saying that street art, “is a cultural manifestation, scenery which makes the walls more attractive and vital.”

The Punta Arenas city council actually financed a 400 metre section of street art.

They actively encourage street art in other parts of this most charming southerly city.

Santiago, Valparaiso, and Puerto Montt, all have a plethora of amazing open-air art.

Post the repressive Pinochet regime,

Chilean citizens exuberantly embrace and exercise their artistic talent and freedom of expression.

Walking amidst these amazing street art displays, is a wonderful experience.

Cheers to you with Chile’s stunning open-air art~

293 thoughts on “Chilean Open-Air Art~

  1. Bonjour ou Bonsoir CINDY

    De te connaître c’est le bonheur
    C’est ce qu’il y a de meilleur
    T’offrir se partage cela viens du cœur
    De t’avoir parmi mes amis c’est de l’or
    C’est plus qu’un trésor
    Je me sens plus fort
    Chacun de tes passages est réconfort
    Alors à toi je dis merci
    Grâce à toi je souris
    Car tout ce que j’avais envie,

    C’était de te dire merci, merci d’être mon Ami

    Bonne journée ou soirée

    Gros bisous


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  2. I love this!! I hope to visit Chile one day – we’re thinking of taking a cruise down the Pacific coast to Ushuaia and possibly Antarctica…someday!! Meanwhile, thanks for letting me enjoy this colorful artwork!

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    • I hate to sound like an outdated Nike advert, but, Do It!
      This is exactly what we did the first time traveling here.
      Antarctica was so perfect in every way, I am almost scared to go back. We had such perfect weather, everything. So Antarctica lives in my memory, perfect.
      Please do this. The whole experience will change your life.


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