Chilean Open-Air Art~

Chile is full of stunning street art.

Throughout Chile, large and small towns, are decorated with amazing open-air art, that is valued by the country and citizenry.

In Punta Arenas for example, the local government issued a statement saying that street art, “is a cultural manifestation, scenery which makes the walls more attractive and vital.”

The Punta Arenas city council actually financed a 400 metre section of street art.

They actively encourage street art in other parts of this most charming southerly city.

Santiago, Valparaiso, and Puerto Montt, all have a plethora of amazing open-air art.

Post the repressive Pinochet regime,

Chilean citizens exuberantly embrace and exercise their artistic talent and freedom of expression.

Walking amidst these amazing street art displays, is a wonderful experience.

Cheers to you with Chile’s stunning open-air art~

293 thoughts on “Chilean Open-Air Art~

  1. These are amazing works of art. On some of the buildings, I’d have a hard time to find the real door though. One of these murals which shows a passageway would have me walking into the wall, thinking I could walk through – it looks so realistic.

  2. So beautiful, and heartening to see a country that values art as much as its citizens do, Cindy!

    Perhaps after our repressive regime, the US will appreciate art again. 🙁

  3. Hi Cindy, I’ve always loved your posts and the info that you share. Obviously, I don’t post as much as I used to, but you’ve ALWAYS been the first one to like my post. I wasn’t sure what would be the best way to contact you, but I appreciate you and all the encouragement that you’ve given me since I started blogging 6 years ago…. Many Blessings to you and continued success in all that you put your hand to!!!!!

  4. This is just beautiful. I did my graduate research in the North of Chile, in Iquique and the mountains nearby and love the country and its people. I haven’t been south of Valparaiso; this is a treat to see!

  5. Reblogged this on My beautiful world and commented:
    This is not my own blog and also not about nature but it does depict a part of our beautiful world. I spent time in Chile doing research and love the country and its people and wanted to share these really beautiful images of gorgeous street art. Thanks to Cindy for sharing what she saw.

    1. What an incredible country to do your graduate research in! As you well know Chile is quite special. It has such incredible natural beauty, welcoming people, and a unique and fascinating culture. This is why we keep going back! Thank you sincerely for your thoughtfulness & cheers to you my friend <3

  6. We owe a debt of gratitude to our artists – they define our history in ways that speak to our hearts. They also inspire us to pursue a creative life that embraces the joyful possibilities of the world around us, the communities that give joy to our days. Hugs!

  7. I remember, when visiting Paris with an artist many moons ago, meeting some of those Chilean artists who were in exile at the time. I’m glad they are free to express themselves in their own country once more.

  8. Wonderful!! I had no idea that street art was being celebrated in Chile. Thank you Cindy for some great shots. I love the theatrical magician … complete with details of electrical wire and socket!

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  10. You’re right … these are stunning! They look so real that I find myself having to stare a bit to determine what’s real and what’s paint. And to think our cities pay heftily for murals on buildings that don’t look one bit better!

    1. Such a valid point. I always have a slight sense of come down when returning home and seeing our bland suburbs and glass-box and steel cities. Chile has the most incredible natural beauty, combined with the attention given to art and artists, it is a wonderful to country to explore.

        1. I would love to! Or at least spend a spring and summer in one of those beautiful Medieval German towns. My husband and I talk about this a lot. He is full German by descent, and I had a German grandmother. Plus I adore German food! <3

  11. Cindy, you are so creative with your art of photography, these pictures are so vivid, so colorful, so rich in detail. I don’t know how you always seem to be able to bring your artistic photography to life in away that is fascinating and awe inspiring. Wonderful and thank you so much. 🙂

  12. Wha fun Cindy– favorite is the dog by the doorway on the yellow wall. This reminds me of the mural walls in the Mission district of San Francisco. Enjoying all you saw on your big trip!! xo

  13. Wow – Chilean street art is amazing! I LOVE it…reminds me of the folk street art in my native state of Texas in the small forgotten towns of yesteryear…thanks for this post!

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  17. I love this!! I hope to visit Chile one day – we’re thinking of taking a cruise down the Pacific coast to Ushuaia and possibly Antarctica…someday!! Meanwhile, thanks for letting me enjoy this colorful artwork!

    1. I hate to sound like an outdated Nike advert, but, Do It!
      This is exactly what we did the first time traveling here.
      Antarctica was so perfect in every way, I am almost scared to go back. We had such perfect weather, everything. So Antarctica lives in my memory, perfect.
      Please do this. The whole experience will change your life.

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