Twigs & Twine~

Weavers, like this Red Bishop from Africa, are industrious and highly social birds. These photos were taken at The San Diego Safari Park aviaries, close to The Holler. There are now 400 or so of these beauties flying wild in Holler skies.
I bet they escaped from the park. Smart birdies.

Weavers belong to a family of birds named Ploceidae that weave incredibly intricate nests that hang from trees in groups or colonies. Holler orioles are weavers.

Buffalo Weavers, also from Africa, are charmingly gregarious, happy birds, that like to perch next to you to for a little chat!

Here they are discussing a leaf. What to do with it? Should they pick it up? They seem to think not. It is, obviously, an object worthy of much interest and discussion, but in the end, a useless thing to them.

They may have no use for leaves, but they are artistic masters of twigs and twine, and spend much of their time collecting both.

Cheers to you from the very busy, very happy weavers~
(Click on paired birds to see more detail.)

230 thoughts on “Twigs & Twine~

  1. Your gorgeous photos, Cindy, have made me a little nostalgic for something I can’t quite identify. I’ve always had a strong feeling that I should be able to fly, and often have had a deep urge to do so. I must be part weaver, because I love collecting twigs, as well as the human version: branches. The detail in these photos is amazing ❤

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  2. Beutiful little birdies, at first in one of the photos I thought it was the “American eagle” what’s the name of that one by the way? but is a Buffalo Weaver, maybe the American eagle and this one fight to see who is who is more recognised. Anyways, glad to be back for at least a bit of time and read you all and see your pictures, they always fascinate me.


    • Glad you are back and hope all is well with you! You are thinking of The Bald Eagle. This guy does have a similar white head, but is much smaller. Wonderful to hear from you & cheers too!


  3. They are so pristine Cindy!! Beautifully photographed (like always!). and amazing that you have their “cousins” living in the neighborhood!! We have a large flock of bright green (noisy!!) parrots near us– one morning I counted 40 on the telephone wires!! And– How was your Thanksgiving?? I’m remembering your berry pies! xox


  4. I loved the really cute birds and your fun comments. I do wonder why they are studying that leaf?
    The little bracelets on the birds may have a homing device to see how far these birds roam, fly and explore. I’m just guessing. One lucky bird has a silver and a pink one, too. ❤ Thank you for sharing!


  5. Bonjour mon ami amie CINDY
    Juste un sourire pour toi
    Je le laisse sortir de mon cœur
    C’est un sourire en douceur
    il va éclairer ton visage

    Je le partage avec tous mes amis amies
    de celui ou celle qui le reçois
    peu importe son âge
    il le rendra heureux ou heureuse
    Alors pour toi mon ami amie

    je te fais encore un beau sourire
    pour te souhaiter une bonne journée ou soirée




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