Schloss Marksburg~

Marksburg Castle rises above the town of Braubach in Germany and is one of the principal sites of The Rhine Gorge UNESCO World Heritage area. Come on in, and let’s go snoop around….

Construction started on the schloss in 1100. The great hall dining area dates back to 1239.

Of the original forty castles in the Middle Rhine Valley, this is the only one that was never destroyed. It seems an impenetrable fortress.

It was, however, damaged by allied artillery in 1945, but not destroyed.

Touring gives one a sense of what life was like living (and eating) here in the middle ages.

The living areas are surprisingly cozy and welcoming for a castle,

and the old artifacts and furnishings are fascinating to see in situ, as they were used in everyday life.

Topping off your visit, there are amazing views of The Rhine Valley from the castle ramparts.
Cheers to you from Schloss Marksburg~

147 thoughts on “Schloss Marksburg~

  1. An amazing post. I’m sure life was much harder back when this was built, but their diet seems to be well varied – sausage, sausage, and more sausage supplemented with various fowl.


  2. This was so gorgeous, my sweet Cindy! I loved the castle up on the mountain, the furniture and the kitchen crockery. 😊
    Bon voyage, safe travel mercies. . . May the Southern place be as welcoming and charming as you are, dear! ❤


  3. Hi Cindy!! Loved the tour! It looks so romantic– but in the end, I think I prefer by gas oven and dishwasher. And really loved your colorful flower post– but didn’t see a spot to leave a comment! Where is that stained glass dome?? (the conservatory at Balboa Park??) So beautiful! And– I wonder where you’re traveling to in the south?? Mexico? Argentina? You have me guessing! Happy travels!! xox


  4. Liebe Cindy das sind ja super Fotos ganz toll und die Farben der Aras einfach überwältigend uns dann der wunderschöne Sonnenuntergang liebe Cindy toll hab ein schönes Wochenende Klaus in Freundschaft danke für deinen Link


  5. Bonjour ou Bonsoir CINDY

    Joyeux Noël mon ami amie !

    J’espère que le Père Noël sera généreux avec toi

    Si ce n’est pas le cas ne t’inquiète pas

    Sache que mon amitié pour toi vaut tout l’or du monde

    Ce petit message marrant pour Noël

    Que tu te rappelles combien notre relation amicale est importante pour moi.

    Je te présente par avance tous mes vœux de bonne année 2018

    Ton ami qui pense à toi

    Bisous Bernard


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  7. Extrordinary! Scloss Markheim is smaller inside than I thought it might be for such an old castle. Did they ever finish the repairs and fully restore the entire place?

    As an student of the Middle Ages and a recreation demonstrator of spinning and weaving, I am always curious. Did they have any rooms set aside for weaving and spinning? What tools did they have if they had such a room? Did they display any extant textiles from the time hanging on the walls or as tapestries other than a few blankets or bed curtains?


    • Yes there was a loom and weaving room with tools for weaving flax. I think I have photos of the loom and tools on my travel laptop. I will check to see if I saved them. There were tapestries too and I will see if I have the photos. In the interim check out this link:
      And google image search Schloss ‘Schloss Marksburg weaving’ ‘Schloss Marksburg loom’ ‘SM tapestry”


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