Ribeauville & Riquewhir~

are two typical Alsatian towns.

The architecture,

is fairytale,

meets living history,

with the added benefit of French dessert!

There are little towns like these scattered all over Alsace,

exploring, (note Jupiter near clock tower)

and eating,

here is a delightful way to spend your days!

Cheers to you from beautiful Alsace~

224 thoughts on “Ribeauville & Riquewhir~

  1. Oh Cindy, it is simply magical! I shall have to find a way to get there. Thank you so much for sharing this. I knew the region was beautiful as I drove on the northern edge of it several years ago but oh my… x


      • Cindy, I always do my best to avoid tourists, crowds… you get the picture. It sounds lovely. A dear friend is suppose to be here late next month, from Sacramento, and perhaps if I send her this link… ? x


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    • Reasonably. I have a better astronomy, non-art photo with four visible moons. This was April in France. Jupiter was in opposition and closest to earth at 414 million miles and dominated the night sky. Venus was visible in the morning. Here is astronomy.com:
      “Although Jupiter reached opposition and peak visibility earlier this month (on the 7th), it remains a stunning sight nearly all night. It appears about 30° above the southeastern horizon during evening twilight and climbs highest in the south shortly after 11 p.m. local daylight time. Shining at magnitude –2.4, the giant planet is the night’s brightest celestial object with the exception of Venus, which doesn’t rise until morning twilight commences. Jupiter resides among the background stars of Virgo, 9° northwest of that constellation’s brightest star, 1st-magnitude Spica. When viewed through a telescope, the gas giant’s disk spans 44″ and shows incredible detail in its cloud tops.”


  3. awww Cindy, Ribeauville & Riquewhir. Riquewhir is a village of Ribeauville. Are they not pretty. they are absolutely one of the prettiest places in France. You reminded me of my adventures there. Alsace is a beautiful region, I am sure you have enjoyed yourself there. Who don’t want to visit Alsace? I have long time friends there that I have known over twenty five years. We still communicate. I cannot wait to visit again. Enjoy yourselves guys on your special tours.


  4. Oh, what a lovely place to spend some time (though I confess I scrolled real FAST past the desserts, for fear of inadvertently adding a few unwanted pounds, hee-hee!!)


  5. The colorful and whimsical look of Alsace is a nice visualization of the concept of *emergence*.  The whole culture (Alsatian) has properties one would not expect after just looking at the parts (French & German).  Hooray for the bright colors and the bubble bear!


  6. Was für wundervolle Fotos, liebe Cindy!
    In Ribeauville war ich auch einige Mal – es ist einer der schönsten Orte, die ich je gesehen hab.
    … ist aber inzwischen lange her.
    Alles Liebe,

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    • Porto is crowded with tourists, even off season, and I think the locals are a bit tired of it. I don’t blame them. Other parts of Portugal like Aveiro and the smaller towns are incredibly beautiful, uncrowded, and you will feel very welcomed in these charming towns.

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  7. What an amazing place! It really would look quite old fashioned if it wasn’t for the occasional car in the background and the type of photographs taken of this place. Thank you for posting about it. It is a great place to learn about.


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