Les chats du toit de Strasbourg~

Strasbourg’s cats live on steep rooftops,

rest on high windowsills,

sleep on chimney tops,

stalk pigeons on ridgelines, and enter and exit their homes via high rooftop windows.
They notice, eventually, the biped with telephoto, and I could see it shocked them, to be watched so quietly, so intently, like they watch everything.

Lucky felines. No bipedal landlubbing for these cool-cats.

They much prefer looking down on mere humans.

Of course, some poor cats have yet to claim their rooftop-aeries,

and have to settle for schlepping down-low with humans.

Cheers to you from all the cool cats~

226 thoughts on “Les chats du toit de Strasbourg~

  1. I’m feline so pawsome just looking at these gorgeous cats! β‚Λ„Β·ΝˆΰΌΒ·ΝˆΛ„β‚Λ„Β·ΝˆΰΌΒ·ΝˆΛ„γƒ½(=^β€₯^=)δΈΏΛ„Β·ΝˆΰΌΒ·ΝˆΛ„β‚ŽΛ„Β·ΝˆΰΌΒ·ΝˆΛ„β‚Ž


    • It is the strays that I always badly want to bring home, but The Holler has several active packs of very hungry coyotes that would make their life far too brief. 🐈


  2. In jungles, various animals reside at different levels of the canopy. Maybe this is like the urban jungle idea… some cats on roof ridges, some on chimney tops, some in window’s…


  3. Hi! Beautiful shots again… I wanted to give you a heads up that you are my 365 Daily Challenge “Recommended Blogger” to know tomorrow (Monday) when I release my post in the late morning / early afternoon. I’ll link back to this page and tell everyone about your amazing photography. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Schweitzer had it right, ya know. …..and each cat, no matter where they live, has its own personality. …and lord help the human that tries to change it ! Ha ! Loved the pics, Cuz. Hugs !

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  5. I am in awe of your brilliant blog post takes on things, Cindy! ❀ I have a question: do you think of a topic first and then take photos for it or do you take the photos and then think of a theme once you've looked through all your photos?

    Love this one on cats!


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    • There is such strength, isn’t there, in domestic cats? They utilize our food, and even come to trust us, and some seem to actually love us, in a cat version of love, but it is always clear, they will at least attempt to live in a human world without us.
      We can never rob them of their independence, is is what they are.
      And that makes them so special.

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  7. Oh, yes, Cindy. They are definitely cool cats and quite fearless. I bet the high-fliers are very independent, whereas the house cats are more amenable to human company!! Great shots, as always. I love how some cities are more “cat” cities and others are more “dog” cities. Paris is definitely a cat city.

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  8. Yes! So true.
    Alll the area around the Bretagne coast of France is pure dog, for example.
    The doggies clean under your tables while you are eating in restaurants, and do the restaurant circuit looking for more! They walk you home, either in case you get lost, or more because they want to know where you are temporarily staying.
    They even pee on Mount San Michelle!

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  9. Such fabulous photos of exquisite cats! As a cat lover and caregiver to a sanctuary of 25 once-feral cats, I love your astute observation of felinesβ€”you have truly captured their essence.


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