Les chats du toit de Strasbourg~

Strasbourg’s cats live on steep rooftops,

rest on high windowsills,

sleep on chimney tops,

stalk pigeons on ridgelines, and enter and exit their homes via high rooftop windows.
They notice, eventually, the biped with telephoto, and I could see it shocked them, to be watched so quietly, so intently, like they watch everything.

Lucky felines. No bipedal landlubbing for these cool-cats.

They much prefer looking down on mere humans.

Of course, some poor cats have yet to claim their rooftop-aeries,

and have to settle for schlepping down-low with humans.

Cheers to you from all the cool cats~

226 thoughts on “Les chats du toit de Strasbourg~

  1. Timothy Price

    What a bunch of beautiful kitties. Have you seen the French animated film “Une Vie De Chat”? The English title is “A Cat in Paris”. It’s really a fun film.

    1. I have not seen it, but thanks for the tip, I will watch it on youtube. It’s great to hear from you! I was thinking about you yesterday, wondering how you are. 😻

    1. I love calicos. So Gorgeous. There are two different calicos here, one on the roof, one on the ground, but you can’t really tell unless you see the photos side by side.

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  3. I used to be a cat lover and had a few before I got married and had kids, but now I just admire them from afar. Thanks for sharing as I love their looks and personality.

  4. You have captured the reincarnation of so many of my dearly departed gods & goddesses. I’m so happy to see once again my beloved Boris who is alive & well in your top shot. He hasn’t changed at all during his sojourn in the upper world. And my dearest Guido in your last shot. And who knew that my Sophie & Coco are here with me now, yet their doppelgangers are prowling the rooftops of Strasbourg.

    We are their humble servants.

  5. Have a wonderful time in Strasbourg – the photos are incredibly beautiful!!!… Oh my God, iΒ΄m having a cats crash <3 <3 and being nostalgic over our holidays in Strasbourg, a couple of years ago… πŸ™‚ Many greets and bright, warm sunny days!!

  6. Hey Cindy,

    I heard whispers on the grapevine (and a notification in my in-box!) suggesting that you had several photos to share and so I nipped across the puddle to see them for myself. And I am so pleased I did. As a cat-lover I adore them all…although I fancy I fell into the green eyes of the last cat and am not certain I’ve yet come back out πŸ™‚

    The first image I viewed in a separate widow and relished its textural quality, the sharpness diminishes to leave a sumptuous wash of grainy colours that had me fooled into thinking it were a painting: perhaps a watercolour or mixed media. It’s quite beautiful, thought provoking as well in as much that it reminds about the translucent quality of colour.

    I put together a line or two as a thank you for the post…

    For the felidae free to just live and be,
    who choose to dwell most precariously
    in charming rooftop domesticity,
    high above Strasbourg’s fair City.
    Sharing all but the fall of any fool
    without fur or feline sway who strays,
    else seeks to stay and linger longer
    lazily gazing through summer’s soft hazing
    across steep tiles towards steeples rising,
    it’s inspiring.
    From our throne our rooftop home we Calico,
    we come and go at the whim of our pleasure,
    our leisure measure of our notoriety and fame,
    although some remain in disdain of our elevated plane,
    thinking our aloofness a loftiness and not pedigree,
    but we rise above such foolishness and fancy,
    feeling it fashioned by those without thrones,
    those without sunlight igniting calico stone,
    or those without a Calico warming cold bones.
    So when you next see a Calico pedigree,
    a felidae of unimpeachable high class.
    Observe soft paws pause compose and pose,
    watch as a cool cat exudes gravitas.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful photographs. I imagine you must have accumulated a vast library of images whilst out and about on your travels. No doubt all those memories will return in abundance once again when you are home reviewing your pictorial memories and selecting the best of them for our enjoyment. Thank you in anticipation of the next post πŸ™‚

    Hoping all is well with one and all and life a peach on a beach. Take good care.

    Namaste πŸ™‚


    1. You are so brilliant! You captured their essence so stunningly. I love the start and finish, and all the in-betweens:
      “For the felidae free to just live and be,
      who choose to dwell most precariously
      in charming rooftop domesticity,
      high above Strasbourg’s fair City.”
      “So when you next see a Calico pedigree,
      a felidae of unimpeachable high class.
      Observe soft paws pause compose and pose,
      watch as a cool cat exudes gravitas.”
      Your talent is awe inspiring and this is wonderful!

      1. Hey Cindy πŸ™‚

        Your photographs lead my cat-like curiosity to discovering new places where my imagination follows flows and flowers. It is then that you leave me to sit quietly alone gazing out through the eye of your camera onto doorsteps and rooftops chimney pots and archways in search of fluff and fur-ball πŸ™‚ If not for your detailed and descriptive photographs there would be no poem. It’s why I visit: to always be charmed and enchanted by sights I’ve never seen, and besides your energy and enthusiasm are infectious and the ‘Cool Cats of Strasbourg’ are just way to cool for school to have missed out on πŸ™‚

        I wonder what your artful lens will reveal for our appreciation, enjoyment and inspiration next time? πŸ™‚ We shall just have to wait and see.

        Thank you for kind comment on the poem, a thank you for the enjoyment of being here.

        Wishing you brightest blessings for the week ahead Cindy. Take care of one and all as you undoubtedly always do.

        Namaste πŸ™‚


  7. beautiful cats in Strasbourg. did they speak french?

    Please note that I have nominated you for the “ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD.” Go check and follow the steps which will guide you what to do next. I wish you Good Luck !

    1. Well, cats of course don’t bother with inferior bipedal languages, they expect all bipeds to learn their verbal and non-verbal language. And pretty much every biped learns, even those who don’t like felines, must learn, at least the rudiments of their verbal and non-verbal cat language, in order to nicely pass the cats they meet on the street. πŸ†πŸ†
      Thank you so much for your kindness. It made my night~ <3

  8. Your photography is always wonderful Cindy, but there’s something really special about the colour, composition, and framing in the first photo, and the third to fifth photos – the ones on the roof. They are all quite special.

    1. Well, special from you Alison, is pretty big. Your photography and your writing, just consistently blows me away. You are one of the reasons I am lucky to blog. I get to talk with you.

  9. Wow…courageous kitties! Our older cat stays on the garage roof most of the time when she is outside. She loves to look down on us when we walk by. She is to be a house cat…but that makes her so very unhappy. She is now 11 years old…so we let her make up her own mind! πŸ˜‰ Your photography captured the cat’s attitude to perfection. They are unique!

    1. Your cat sounds lucky! We can’t have cats at The Holler because of the coyote packs, but if the cat hung out inside and on the roof, it would work. 😸

    1. My husband and I have inborn cat geiger counters! I am always buying deli meat for stray cats in all sorts of countries. It’s wonderful to hear from you and I hope all is well with you! 😸

      1. πŸ™‚ You sound like my sister….when she visits me cats just appear from nowhere. Cats I have never seen before start peering in my windows to talk to her. It’s extraordinary.

  10. I’m feline so pawsome just looking at these gorgeous cats! β‚Λ„Β·ΝˆΰΌΒ·ΝˆΛ„β‚Λ„Β·ΝˆΰΌΒ·ΝˆΛ„γƒ½(=^β€₯^=)δΈΏΛ„Β·ΝˆΰΌΒ·ΝˆΛ„β‚ŽΛ„Β·ΝˆΰΌΒ·ΝˆΛ„β‚Ž

  11. Gorgeous shots Cindy!! I have 5 rescued strays they stay strictly inside..I’d freak if they were out! 😡 Keep up the awesome work!πŸ‘πŸ‘

    1. Yes, where I live cats cannot go outside due to coyotes. These roofcats have an ideal life, free to come and go with the rooftops as their kingdom and perfectly safe~

    1. It is the strays that I always badly want to bring home, but The Holler has several active packs of very hungry coyotes that would make their life far too brief. 🐈

  12. In jungles, various animals reside at different levels of the canopy. Maybe this is like the urban jungle idea… some cats on roof ridges, some on chimney tops, some in window’s…

  13. Hi! Beautiful shots again… I wanted to give you a heads up that you are my 365 Daily Challenge “Recommended Blogger” to know tomorrow (Monday) when I release my post in the late morning / early afternoon. I’ll link back to this page and tell everyone about your amazing photography. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Schweitzer had it right, ya know. …..and each cat, no matter where they live, has its own personality. …and lord help the human that tries to change it ! Ha ! Loved the pics, Cuz. Hugs !

  15. I am in awe of your brilliant blog post takes on things, Cindy! <3 I have a question: do you think of a topic first and then take photos for it or do you take the photos and then think of a theme once you've looked through all your photos?

    Love this one on cats!

    1. You are very kind. Thank you! I do both, but usually the photos determine the post, as was the case with the cats on the roof. But also, sometimes, I want to express something, so I find photos to help with this. Thank you for asking and have a wonderful week~ <3

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    1. There is such strength, isn’t there, in domestic cats? They utilize our food, and even come to trust us, and some seem to actually love us, in a cat version of love, but it is always clear, they will at least attempt to live in a human world without us.
      We can never rob them of their independence, is is what they are.
      And that makes them so special.

  17. Oh, yes, Cindy. They are definitely cool cats and quite fearless. I bet the high-fliers are very independent, whereas the house cats are more amenable to human company!! Great shots, as always. I love how some cities are more “cat” cities and others are more “dog” cities. Paris is definitely a cat city.

  18. Yes! So true.
    Alll the area around the Bretagne coast of France is pure dog, for example.
    The doggies clean under your tables while you are eating in restaurants, and do the restaurant circuit looking for more! They walk you home, either in case you get lost, or more because they want to know where you are temporarily staying.
    They even pee on Mount San Michelle!

  19. Oh, beeauuuutiful, Cindy! Love these kitty pictures. I must say, though, seeing them up so high makes me a nervous wreck! I’m always afraid they might fall! Have a fabulous weekend, my friend!

  20. Such fabulous photos of exquisite cats! As a cat lover and caregiver to a sanctuary of 25 once-feral cats, I love your astute observation of felinesβ€”you have truly captured their essence.

  21. What an honor from someone as knowledgeable about 🐈🐈 as you and sincere thank yous for taking care of these once feral sweeties! 😻😻

      1. Oh, I speak some German! I also know a little Spanish. I learn as many languages as I can πŸ˜€ Hallo, Cindy. Ich beginne gerade Deutsch zu lernen. Hola, Cindy. Estoy aprendiendo espanol, pero estoy haciendo algo complejo antes de esto. πŸ˜›

        1. Deutsch ist schwieriger fΓΌr mich zu lernen. Sobald ich gut lerne, verlassen wir Deutschland.
          Espanol is mas facil por mi, porque yo hablo espanol cada dia donde yo vivo! <3

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