Take Yourself for a Walk in Koper Slovenia~

If this Koperian doggie can,

I can, and you most certainly can.

Jim is right here, you see him, with the map, he always finds where are going.

I just tend to follow the critters,

they always take me where I want to be.

And thank you! It is so much better when you come along,

because pleasure shared is doubled.

We are still home at The Holler, but it’s cheers to you from Koper Slovenia~

184 thoughts on “Take Yourself for a Walk in Koper Slovenia~

  1. Looks like such a fun and exciting place to visit. I love the pictures of the old architectural buildings and the charm of the dogs and beauty of the flowers. And all is good, too , in between. ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers, Cindy.

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  2. Well thank you Cindy. Now I need to go and visit Koper as well. I ordered three extra lifes already and I just placed an order for two more. Mind you, they are not cheap! But hey, one can’t go without having seen the beauties of the world.

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  4. Beautiful Cindy, while looking at your pictures, the architecture came to my mind, the streets,facades of the building, the saying, “If Walls & Streets Could Talk” ! When you think of the generations of peoples that have traveled the streets, looked at the same buildings you shot, and the many many lives of those people that traversed those same places looking at those same building over the hundreds of years or more. What the walls and streets could tell us of the peoples past. I also have to say how beautiful your flower picture is!

    You do so well at capturing a feeling and a mood in your photography, it is always a pleasure to come to your site. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Your comment was so very kind. Thank you for your thoughtful sensitivity. The bell tower in that photo was originally constructed in the 12th century. We climbed it and looked at the view people were enjoying 900 years ago. It’s just mind boggling isn’t it, and so comforting to sense we are all connected, past and present, in a continuous line of art, architecture, and human experience.
      Thank you your perceptiveness.

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    • Tee hee hee! I don’t know what I want to morph more on, your Westie, who I remember via your posts, and just the pure joy of a loved dog taking itself for a walk, all that cocky joy, the ultimate international language!
      Or, how how one knows, where is ” You are here.”
      I really have always wished, even though I didn’t know it until now, that someone could tell me, “You are here,” so I would know.
      You are a smart man and fun to talk too~

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  5. So much fun, and so much beauty you find and show us! Thank you, Cindy!
    Getting close to finishing a new Art Gown, so am blogging a bit less regularly. The doggie is gorgeous!


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