We Otta Be Ottahs~


Cuz life just floats by.
Sea Otters live in close communities called rafts. Can you see the babies floating on their mamas? Hint: they are the brown fuzzy bumps with little faces resting on their mama’s bellies? (CLick to enlarge for better optics).
Like all communities with time on their hands, gossip can be a problem.
“If you say this one more time, Edna, I swear, I will cover my ears!”
A new human like me, is easily noticed.
“Who are you odd human, and why are you staring at me?”
Discussing the merits of tonight’s seafood dining options, Earle makes the best suggestion.

Otter newlyweds with their new pup float happily together.

Single mom’s seem quite content on their own.
While bachelor & bachelorette otters can float anywhere they want and may be the happiest otters of all.
Eventually babies get fed up with resting on top of mom, and just float off on their own looking for adventure.

Rarely, an otter just can’t keep going along lazily with the group, he has to break out, be an individual, kick his web-footed heels to the sky!
Cheers to you from the happily floating (and kicking) Morro Bay Sea Otters in California~

Note: Sea Otters were nearly hunted to extinction in the 1800’s for their fur. Populations are slowly recovering, but otters are still an endangered species and are threatened by fish net entanglement, oil spills, and boat strikes.

343 thoughts on “We Otta Be Ottahs~

  1. Beautiful, Cindy! I have always really enjoyed watching both sea and river otters. They seem to know how to enjoy life…and we need to make sure they will be able to continue doing just that.


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  3. Humans ottah take a page from the otter’s book on how to live a happy life. They really otter !!! Hi Cuz. Whatcha up to these days? Sea Otters are among my favorite critters, and these pics of them are great ! 🙂


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  6. Reblogged this on litebeing chronicles and commented:
    Many of you know that I am very fond of otters and have seen otter-like critters in my neck of the woods. I blog about them regularly and consider them such a blessing. I have not been able to take a picture of any as of yet. I consider them to be part of my spirit animal circle. Cindy has done a bang-up job here, bringing otter-mania to all of their fans. Please enjoy these gorgeous photos, taken with such loving care.


  7. I never tire of watching or hearing the otters no matter the time of day. I could step out the back door of my office and here them at play just over the sand dunes. The otters were such a part of living in and around Monterey/Carmel.


    • Yes there are once again and it is wonderful isn’t it. One even ventured into San Diego Bay! These guys were all the way down in Moro Bay, quite a colony of them. Hope you and Tom are well Sheri. Sending you both my thoughts and prayers always~

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  8. Oh, Cindy!! Wonderful 🙂 I just love otters…we have one that makes impromptu visits every couple of months in the pond behind our home. If one of us sees him we all jump up and watch him frolic 🙂 Hope you are well ❤


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