We Otta Be Ottahs~


Cuz life just floats by.
Sea Otters live in close communities called rafts. Can you see the babies floating on their mamas? Hint: they are the brown fuzzy bumps with little faces resting on their mama’s bellies? (CLick to enlarge for better optics).
Like all communities with time on their hands, gossip can be a problem.
“If you say this one more time, Edna, I swear, I will cover my ears!”
A new human like me, is easily noticed.
“Who are you odd human, and why are you staring at me?”
Discussing the merits of tonight’s seafood dining options, Earle makes the best suggestion.

Otter newlyweds with their new pup float happily together.

Single mom’s seem quite content on their own.
While bachelor & bachelorette otters can float anywhere they want and may be the happiest otters of all.
Eventually babies get fed up with resting on top of mom, and just float off on their own looking for adventure.

Rarely, an otter just can’t keep going along lazily with the group, he has to break out, be an individual, kick his web-footed heels to the sky!
Cheers to you from the happily floating (and kicking) Morro Bay Sea Otters in California~

Note: Sea Otters were nearly hunted to extinction in the 1800’s for their fur. Populations are slowly recovering, but otters are still an endangered species and are threatened by fish net entanglement, oil spills, and boat strikes.

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  1. I love Otters in the virtual world I was a tiny otter avatar for awhile, and made clothes for the otter and other animals that the designer/builder made. We were otterly divine in our fancy outfits and hairdos.. LOL… horror of horros, it was so otterly fun. Have you by chance every gotten close enough to one to feel their fur? Thanks for being such an otterly creative pal…=^_^=

    1. I am so sorry I missed this comment. It was in my wordpress spam filter. Several of your comments were. Your comment is very thoughtful and most appreciated! Thank you & cheers too!

  2. I wanna be an ottah now and watch life floating by. I wanna lie on moms belly forever. I wanna venture of on my daring own and wave to the human with the camera: Hey Cindy! You here? Come and float with us. Float with us in Morro bay, float into eternity.

    1. Yes. This is the life I think we otta have! Just like ‘The Incredible Mr Limpit.’
      Maybe if we wish on it hard, and fall in Morro Bay, we will become an otter and can float our life away!

  3. Okay, otters deserve more respect! Hmm, seem to me a lot more of the animal kingdom deserves respect.
    Yet, trump gets respect.
    I love animals.

      1. YEAH! Let’s go girlfriend! :star:
        And here’s a cheer..,YAY for the Polar Bears!!!! How do you feel about that mr. rump? Oops…mr. trump.

  4. I just adore otters and have blogged about them often. I believe I have spied some sea otters nearby as I live close to a creek that feeds into a river. Have tried to catch a photo, but no luck yet. Thank you for these pics, they are precious!

    1. If you saw big otters in the ocean in Alaska they were probably Giant Sea Otters which can often be seen floating on the ice. I have seen them also in Alaska and have some photos. They are very big. These sea otters are much smaller, about the size of a cat. But seeing any otter anywhere is a privilege and joy since they tend to be elusive and are endangered.

    1. We certainly can, but the good news is they are doing much better now thanks to the incredible efforts of The Monterey Bay Aquarium and people who look out for them~ <3

    1. Yes! These guys were floating close to land in a harbor. This is an advantage because if a shark were to go after an individual in the raft community, the others can escape to land. Otters can of course come to ground, sharks and orcas who prey on otters cannot do this.

  5. Cindy were you floating in the water with them? 😛 These photos are so amazingly up close, I think they’re a great approximation to what it must be like to be hanging out with the otters! Thank you for this. So wonderful that we have the California coast!

    1. The California coast is back to being full of so much of the wildlife that was absent much of my life due to the protective effects of The Marine Mammal Protection Act. Mammals that were hunted off the sea and shore are back on in numbers that I never saw in my childhood. I never saw an otter in the ocean as a kid even though I was born and raised by and on the sea and otters were native where I lived. Thank you Monterey Bay Aquarium for bringing them back to us!

    1. I used two cameras interchangeably with the otters, both Sony’s, the RX10 and the HX400. The RX is crisper with group shots and landscapes, so the groups were taken with this camera. The HX400 has 1200mm equivalent zoom and is better for all types of magnification, both macro and zoom. All the individual shots were taken at somewhere around 600mm zoom give or take.

  6. I am just imagining what wonderful political decisions would be made if politicians were required to make them whilst relaxing in the sea like otters. I am sure everyone would otterly benefit.

    1. I read it long ago and loved it. Their mating behavior is downright disturbing. Males can rip off females faces. Elephant seal mating is disturbing too. I timed my visit to see them so I wouldn’t have to witness it.

    1. This must be a Britishism that I am unfamiliar with I tried googling it to figure out what it means and I will refrain from saying what I found which I am sure is not what you meant, but I did learn something new! Laughing…. ( ・ὢ・ )

  7. How amazing to be able to spend time with these lovely creatures. I think we could all do with some furry and fun splashing around at the moment 🙂

  8. We were in Morro Bay many years ago and I remember talking to a man on the docks and he was saying the otters were so troublesome – they gnawed the ropes and set the boats free…..often. LOL
    Precious creatures.

  9. What a gorgeous happy floating life! 🙂 <3 🙂 Lovely, lovely shots, Cindy!
    Please let me quote Richard Bach and say:
    You [Americans] are game-playing, fun-loving creatures; you are the otters of the universe.
    Have a relaxing evening,
    hugs from Norway from the four of us,
    Dina x

    1. I love this sobriquet! I would love to be the otter of the universe as they do spend the bulk of their time doing my three favorite things, sleeping, eating and playing! ( ・ὢ・ ) Cheers to you Dina and thank you! <3

  10. This is one of my favorite of your posts. Otters are my absolute favs among critters. I loved your bit of gossip. So much cuteness, how could anyone kill them for fur?

    1. I remember reading ‘Islands of Blue Dolphins’ as a child. The otters were friendly and curious about people and swam up to meet them when they were met by the hunter’s clubs. Not a good reflection on our species and impossible for me to understand when you see them in the wild watching you! ( ・ὢ・ )

  11. I remember the first time I read a book by Jane Goodall. I was 18. My greatest takeaway that has been with me through the years, was her belief that we could learn a great deal about humanity from listening and following our fellow creatures. “Only if we understand, will we care. Only if we care, will we help. Only if we help shall all be saved.” Jan Goodall. Hugs coming your way.

    1. Wonderful quote, Cindy. It applies to so much that is wrong with our world today. While I always like your posts, these last two were heartwarming. My little dog has a flatter but similar face (and head tilts to indicate interest and attention), so I respond to these pictures viscerally. The blogging community is fortunate that you are such a great photographer and are willing to take us along. THANKS!
      (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
      ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
      “It takes a village to educate a world!”

  12. Sea otters always look beautifully fluffy, but I wonder if their coat is slightly greasy to keep water out, like sheep? I sooo want to one day visit them in their natural environment and float them float peacefully. <3

  13. Have to wonder how someone can be so adorable and then you see a whole lot of cuteness all in one place and it’s hard to imagine that they would be upset if we went into the water to give them hugs and kisses. LOL Just wonderful. So very sweet.

  14. I loved, loved these photos! I think otters are among the most amusing mammals – could watch them all day long! And yes, I think I could enjoy that life, just floating along, baby on top, thinking about dinner!

  15. We really otta be ottahs. Perhaps then we will understand what it is like to be hunted for no good reason but to look good. Awesome post Cindy – thanks for sharing these amazing visuals.

  16. Wonderful pics of such loveable creatures … I saw a documentary on them years ago, and particularly loved shots of them floating on their backs as in your pics, holding little stones in their little hands… there was probably a reason, but thirty years on, it escapes me… maybe I’ll Google ‘Why do otters…..”

    1. So happy you enjoyed Rhonda. I was amazed to see so many otters so close. Quite wonderful really. We are home now, otherwise I would probably still be with the otters!! 😉

  17. Cindy, thank you, I saw a program and it had a story on the otters, lovely to see your photos, I adore these sweet marauders of fishing boats ropes! LOL, I see that as payback we humans are still killing them.
    Love n hugs

    1. A blogger told me about the otters gnawing through boat tie ups. They are setting the boats free to float like they do! They can’t stand seeing them tied up, just like Amy Tan’s fisherman who was saving fish from drowning! ( •̀ ω•́ )

    1. I think wild animals often seem to have their priorities a bit more clear than us muddled humans often do. They also seem to be more playful. So happy you enjoyed them! ( •̀ ω•́ )

  18. Qué simpáticas y divertidas son las nutrias. Me recuerdan los documentales de Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente que se emitieron por TVE hace ya muchos años. Un abrazo, Cindy <3

      1. Sí. Félix fue un pionero en divulgar el amor por la naturaleza. Es una pena que falleció en 1980 de accidente cuando rodaba un documental en Alaska. Un abrazo, Cindy <3

  19. I know the feeling…. spent many an hour floating in the ocean or in a pool in my younger days… very calming… more people should try it!

  20. Cindy, you have an incredible gift of photography and the ability to write the perfect caption. Love the gentle humour, love the posts, love your love of nature. Have a great weekend! xx

  21. Such adorable poses and love those fuzzy, furry baby seal bumps on their Mommy’s (and Daddy’s?!) bellies. Thank you for my catching up with my dear friend, Cindy’s blog! xo

  22. Beautiful, Cindy! I have always really enjoyed watching both sea and river otters. They seem to know how to enjoy life…and we need to make sure they will be able to continue doing just that.

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    1. I am so sorry I missed this comment. It was in my wordpress spam filter. Thank you so much for your very thoughtful award, I appreciate it sincerely and regret that due to time constraints, this is an award free blog. I do so appreciated your kindness though. Thank you.

  24. Humans ottah take a page from the otter’s book on how to live a happy life. They really otter !!! Hi Cuz. Whatcha up to these days? Sea Otters are among my favorite critters, and these pics of them are great ! 🙂

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  27. Reblogged this on litebeing chronicles and commented:
    Many of you know that I am very fond of otters and have seen otter-like critters in my neck of the woods. I blog about them regularly and consider them such a blessing. I have not been able to take a picture of any as of yet. I consider them to be part of my spirit animal circle. Cindy has done a bang-up job here, bringing otter-mania to all of their fans. Please enjoy these gorgeous photos, taken with such loving care.

  28. I never tire of watching or hearing the otters no matter the time of day. I could step out the back door of my office and here them at play just over the sand dunes. The otters were such a part of living in and around Monterey/Carmel.

    1. Yes there are once again and it is wonderful isn’t it. One even ventured into San Diego Bay! These guys were all the way down in Moro Bay, quite a colony of them. Hope you and Tom are well Sheri. Sending you both my thoughts and prayers always~

  29. Oh, Cindy!! Wonderful 🙂 I just love otters…we have one that makes impromptu visits every couple of months in the pond behind our home. If one of us sees him we all jump up and watch him frolic 🙂 Hope you are well <3

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