When thousands of snow geese,


they roar!

Like massive waterfalls,


they drown all sound,

but for the beating thrum of thousands of wings.
They blanket the sky,

blocking the sun,
with blinding white,


generating their own radiant light!

Cheers to you from the wintering snow geese at The Salton Sea~

269 thoughts on “Roar~

    • Trying to figure this out is like trying to count penguins in Antarctica which scientists did while we were there. They took an area and shot panoramic photos. Blew up one area and counted the penguins, then multiplied the area by the remaining amount of space and came up with something like 400,000 in that area. I wouldn’t be able to guess the numbers, but it is much larger than you see in the photos since I couldn’t begin to get the entire flock into one shot. I shot them in segments.

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  1. Wow! So many of them. That’s a truly awesome sight. And there was me thinking that the flocks of geese were large that arrived on the SE coast of the UK from Scandinavia this winter. I loved their honking noises from dawn to dusk for several weeks on end. Every time they flew over the garden, I could hear their wings beating the air. My dog was entranced. She sat int he middle of the lawn, staring up at the sky, watching them. I taught her from a young age that birds are not to be treated as marauders on, or over her territory, so she loves them and treats them with great respect … the respect they deserve.

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    • And they probably respond to her in kind. My husband witnessed me in the flock. He asked, “Weren’t you concerned you would get dropped on?”
      I said, “Not even for a nano-second. ” My face was turned directly up, shooting the birds with my mouth open in wonder as they flew in mass over my head. I thought they wouldn’t drop on me and they didn’t.
      Maybe they can sense when they are revered, like your doggie watching them fly by.
      What a wonderful world~


  2. These are some wonderful photos! We live right by a playa lake, and the Canada geese winter over here. There are thousands of them. When they take off it is so loud it drowns out the TV. We always run to look and take photos, too. I don’t think I hear their wings, but their honking is making so much noise! πŸ™‚

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    • If you start to think about how they fly like this, take off and land with precision, envelope me in the take off, (an oddity to day the least) without touching me, and travel thousands of miles with no wrong turns, if think about this, you realize we have no idea how they do any of these things. And that awareness leaves you open to the wonder which is a beautiful thing~ ❀ πŸ•ŠοΈ


  3. Looooove these photos! πŸ’—They remind me of when we used to go to Bombay Hook NWR in DE and would see giant masses of them. Once, we were out at another wildlife viewing area and a flock flew directly overhead. We ran to the car but poor hubby got a runny present right on his shoulder anyway. πŸ˜†


  4. Whoa! Those are a lot of birds. When we were still children, we used to witness “clouds” of birds like this in our hometown. They usually fly around late in the afternoon. Unfortunately, with all the cut trees, pollution, artificial developments, etc., we haven’t seen massive groups of birds like this any more. 😦


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