Wild Thing~

You make my heart sing!
Look into the eyes of wild grizzlies,
and you can see their wild souls.
On a typical day we are seeing 25 or so individual bears.

There are a lot of cubs. One mama has four which is quite unusual.

They are here for the salmon,

and need to consume about 20,000 calories a day to prepare for winter.
Arguments do break out,
but don’t last long.

Wildlife in The Knight Inlet in Canada is incredible and I will be posting more photos of bears and many other wild creatures.
Here is one of the venues where the action is taking place.
Cheers to you from the magnificent wild grizzlies who look directly into our human hearts and ask for our protection~

278 thoughts on “Wild Thing~

  1. WOW! I have never seen anything like this. I counted 6 Grizzly in your one photo. Cindy!! You must have been crazy with excitement. What a beautiful place they live. Do you worry about them smelling you and coming to climb up to the perch you’re in? xK

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    • The only time I worry around bears is on trails with limited visibility and lots of fresh scat. This happened a few days ago and we heard a chuff. That was enough for me to skee-daddle out of that beary patch. These fish gorging guzzlers didn’t show any hostility. They were enjoying their spa and salmon way too much. Inland mammal eating grizzlies tend to spook me more than coastal fish eaters, but I always want to never surprise either on a trail, which is why I sing loudly on trails and sound simply horrible. I hate running into people when I do this! Yesterday, I came upon a guy fishing and I had to apologize for the horrific din. He said, “I would much rather that then the big sow and her two cubs I just saw in those bushes behind you!”
      Usually all I see on trails is a bear butt getting out of earshot of me singing Madonna’s ‘Spanish Lullaby’…..

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