Enchanted Forest~

Casts her magic spell on you.


Bringing the peace of the pines,



Mother Nature’s soothing balm,
for a troubled world.
Cheers to you from The Sierra’s enchanted forests~
(Note: Heading out of wifi range again tomorrow to see The Ancient Bristle Cone Pine Trees in the White Mountains).

203 thoughts on “Enchanted Forest~

    • Interesting you should mention this. I spent this day with the oldest living mono-clonal organisms in the world, the ancient bristle cone pine trees. These trees, like the redwoods are in California. Unlike the redwoods they are even older, the oldest over 5000 years, many well over 4,000 years. I must have taken a hundred or more photos. Seen one, seen them all? Only a person who truly can’t see would say this if they saw a redwood or a bistle cone. These are sacred living things.

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  1. Hi Cindy, Green is so beautiful! Did you read my e-mail to your gmail account?
    We just came back from a week in Phoenix, where my son lives. I purchased a small house there 3 days ago, which is in escrow now. It will close on 8/30. We are planning to move to Phoenix in December after the trips we have planned in Oct & Nov. In a way, we are excited to plan on changes we are going to have done on the house. xx

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  2. Nice! Now for a breath taking ride up to the ancient Bristle Cone Pine forest. And I mean breathe taking. As I remember: very narrow road, steep ascent, no guard rails, precipitous drop but so worth the challenge to get there. Have fun!β™‘

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    • YES! So happy you saw this incredible place! We did the hikes. 6+ miles but so worth it to see trees that are over 5000 years old! Mind boggling! The trail at times was so narrow and the drop off so intense and so high. I touched the trees. They felt like living stone. This was an experience of a lifetime!

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  3. How amazing, Cindy. What an enchanting place!
    Have to admit when I saw the green water, it reminded me of the swimming pool at the Rio Olympics when it had a bad day.
    xx Rowena


  4. This was like stepping into a stream like setting, Cindy. It would be hard to exit once you got there.Now, I am humming “Hotel California” which is a rather scary setting but once you get “there” you cannot leave. . . πŸ™‚
    Simply divine photography, dear friend! ❀ xo


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