Enchanted Forest~

Casts her magic spell on you.


Bringing the peace of the pines,



Mother Nature’s soothing balm,
for a troubled world.
Cheers to you from The Sierra’s enchanted forests~
(Note: Heading out of wifi range again tomorrow to see The Ancient Bristle Cone Pine Trees in the White Mountains).

203 thoughts on “Enchanted Forest~

  1. Thank you for beautiful pictures of God’s gift to us. What a mess we make of it, enough of a mess to kill us if we don’t kill each other first. Work such as yours brings us back to what life was meant to be. “… troubled world” … Who could have caused those troubles?

  2. One of those things that can always sooth one’s body, soul and mind is nature at its best, and you do that very well, Cindy with your always beautiful photos.

    1. I am a retired psychotherapist, and nature seems to me to be the most effective healer on the planet. Thank you for knowing this Joyce and for your kind friendship~ <3

      1. Beautiful images, Cindy.
        I’m a retired psychotherapist myself and I agree with you about the healing effect of nature.
        Have a great weekend!
        The Fab Four of Cley,

  3. Always a pleasure. Your last photo makes it look like an oasis in the desert. Is this in a National Park? Hey?! Doesn’t Rob Redford live in Wyoming? Are you holding out on us and actually visiting RR Cindy :D? xB

  4. Looks dreamy alright… a world away! Look at the magnificent height of those trees. Now I can’t wait to see images from the ancient Bristle Cone Pines. <3

  5. isabellaesthermariarose

    These images are wonderful, dear Cindy. I love wandering through woodland and sitting with the trees. They speak to my heart. Sending blessings for a weekend of peace and beauty.

  6. Wonderful, Cindy! Forests and trees have magical impact on us humans. I do not want to think further…I want to enjoy your pictures and I walk in the forest every day to keep myself stabilized…
    Do you know there has been massive scientific research on what nature does to hospitalized people? If you hang those white walls with pictures from nature, especially forests and flowers, people recover much faster than if you hang abstracts or hang nothing at all on those walls…

    1. I didn’t know this but it makes perfect sense. Hospital’s stark interiors are so diametrically opposed to nature’s warm embrace. They should be re-thought, bringing forest in and around them. Thank you for teaching me something new~

  7. Having just spent three weeks living surrounded by forest and trees (with occasional trips to the coast) I can attest to their magic attributes. Miss their healing presence already, the space and freedom, the fresh air. Lovely photos, Cindy and reminding me so of my holiday.

    1. Interesting you should mention this. I spent this day with the oldest living mono-clonal organisms in the world, the ancient bristle cone pine trees. These trees, like the redwoods are in California. Unlike the redwoods they are even older, the oldest over 5000 years, many well over 4,000 years. I must have taken a hundred or more photos. Seen one, seen them all? Only a person who truly can’t see would say this if they saw a redwood or a bistle cone. These are sacred living things.

    1. Oh Eliza, I am so blown away by the experience. It was like waking on another planet. These trees are other worldy, magnificent! The oldest is over 5000 years old, many over 4000 years. Their shapes, the dolomite they grow in, Death Valley below. Today was an incredible experience.

  8. Hi Cindy, Green is so beautiful! Did you read my e-mail to your gmail account?
    We just came back from a week in Phoenix, where my son lives. I purchased a small house there 3 days ago, which is in escrow now. It will close on 8/30. We are planning to move to Phoenix in December after the trips we have planned in Oct & Nov. In a way, we are excited to plan on changes we are going to have done on the house. xx

    1. I didn’t get your email. Could you please attempt to resend it? I have been moving in and out of wifi range for the last few days. I am excited for you and your new house and the changes you are going to make to it. Phoenix I think will be a lovely place to live.
      What trips in Oct-Nov?
      I miss chatting with you, so hopefully your email will come through.
      Cheers to you my dear friend and best of luck with all your upcoming adventures!

  9. It indeed looks an enchanted place πŸ™‚ Somehow, especially with the first fotos, I almost expect a unicorn, a few fairies… πŸ˜‰

  10. What a beautiful place to walk and hiking and spending a day to enjoy nature. Thank you for taking us there, Cindy. πŸ™‚
    Beautiful photos, as always!

  11. Nice! Now for a breath taking ride up to the ancient Bristle Cone Pine forest. And I mean breathe taking. As I remember: very narrow road, steep ascent, no guard rails, precipitous drop but so worth the challenge to get there. Have fun!β™‘

    1. YES! So happy you saw this incredible place! We did the hikes. 6+ miles but so worth it to see trees that are over 5000 years old! Mind boggling! The trail at times was so narrow and the drop off so intense and so high. I touched the trees. They felt like living stone. This was an experience of a lifetime!

  12. How amazing, Cindy. What an enchanting place!
    Have to admit when I saw the green water, it reminded me of the swimming pool at the Rio Olympics when it had a bad day.
    xx Rowena

  13. This was like stepping into a stream like setting, Cindy. It would be hard to exit once you got there.Now, I am humming “Hotel California” which is a rather scary setting but once you get “there” you cannot leave. . . πŸ™‚
    Simply divine photography, dear friend! <3 xo

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