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    1. Thank you Alison. I have to head over and see if you have posted more about Allende. I can’t wait to hear about your adventures, especially since I am home right now!!! 😉 😉

  1. They are beautiful! The first 2 pictures brought me to think of the Snowy mountains in Australia. Then the different trees and depth of snow made things very far apart. How I love pine trees. Thank you for sharing these pictures, Cindy!

    1. Yes these were significant distance. Interesting you could detect this. I have driven through this part of central California probably 100 times in my life, and only stop for gas. I want to go back in the spring and stay in cheesey motels and talk to the people and take photos. There are all these tiny towns like Red Mountain with pop around 42! I am curious about life there. There are also lots of ghost towns. The oldest trees in the world, the ancient bristlecome cones, I think the oldest is over 4000 years are nearby and I want to go see them too. So much to see, so much to do, even in the closest and most humble places! Be well Maiko and thank you for your friendship~

      1. The worry part is the bad bit isn’t it. This is a country we love and it deserves and requires competent leadership. It is very discouraging. Can you imagine what Jefferson would say about Trump? Even Hilary gives me gas.

      2. Yes, it’s true. America’s political situation is a full-blown crisis. With the fire-breathing nationalist dragon in Trump and the unapologetic corporatist in Hillary as presidential front-runners, even darker days must lay ahead for this nation. I wish we could elicit commentary from Jefferson on what’s happening now. He would be most enlightening, I’m sure.

    1. I am now officially addicted to snow shoeingI It is so ideal for photography. They have special powder ones that enable you to practically walk on water. They cling to hills like crampons, so you can go up and down mountains. I seriously love it!

      1. good, share the trails… when we can wander off on our own to get really great shots, I used to wander for hours.. been awhile though since I got the snow shoes out, probably need more modern ones.. light frames etc.

    1. Can you believe I have never seen The Great Smokey Mountains? I want to of course. I have read so much history involving them and seen such beautiful photos. So must to see in only one life!

  2. Lovely pics Cindy…I live in Central California and the snow is a such a blessing to see..El Nino has helped us out in our hour of need but we still have a long way to go…

        1. Yes. I hope so. I have lived in Caly all my life though and have never seen a drought like this. But the only certainty in life is change, and this may be the reality. I know as a human I want to hold on to things, and nature doesn’t do this. She changes constantly. She should I think. She evolves.

  3. Isn’t it beautiful? The storms have taken a bit of a rest here…I’m hoping it is only a pause to catch up. The Sierras are blanketed for the first time in years. More snow please. 🙂

    1. It is so sad isn’t it. We got bits of rain, and now we are in Santa Ana conditions. We need rain. I feel now, as the drought moves into it’s third year in SoCal, that conditions are truly critical.

      1. Yep, we notice it when we get far afield– how everything is so green! We have a whole fence of English Ivy that has died this fall. so I’m hoping for rain ahead like they keep promising!

      1. Oooh that is postively….. warmish! 😉 It is about 88F today at The Holler and has been for around ten days with no end in sight, which is terrible as it just worsens our drought.

      1. Cindy, perhaps you have read enough in my poems to know why that was never really my home. This is my home. Yet there are those there I shall keep in my thoughts and the concern is for them. I am where I belong. Good to hear from you my friend!

    1. They probably were colder and brighter which is a disconcerting thought. I just learned you have a venomous adder in the UK. I thought you had no poisonous snakes. I do learn the most amazing things from my fellow bloggers. Be well Sarah and cheers~

      1. Yes, and we have a new venomous spider, which I was unlucky enough to encounter last August. Six weeks ago, I had 3 encapsulated bites on my ankles zapped with liquid nitrogen. They’re only just healing up now, having had me hobbling about from the blisters caused by the treatment.

        I’ve seen a few adders, but they’re very nervous and, provided you don’t step on them, they slither away fast. I don’t take my dog on the grassy hills in the middle of the day in the summer if the sun is shining, as the adders are out sunbathing.

        1. I had no idea. I thought Britain was blessed with no venomous snakes, the spiders yes, so sorry about the bites! They are especially nasty I know and make those craters that take forever to heal. I am glad you are on the mend. I’m sure you wear boots (wellies) right. I feel much more secure in my rattlesnake boots, although a spider could crawl in them, so far they haven’t. Although I just went to the doctor for some venomous plant related contact dermatitis. This is our reward for loving nature, we become part of it, which is all good.

  4. I’m delighted that CA is finally getting some much-needed water! Whether in the form of rain or snow, our earth surely depends on moisture. Love seeing those icicles — and knowing what a blessing they will be.

    1. Yes it is so heartening, although we need much more, especially in Southern California, which is still in the throes of major drought. Still, the Sierra snow-pak is major progress~

    1. I have yet to get to Wales, I have been to Cornwall, The Cotswalds, The Hebrides, the Scottish Highlands. Unbelieveably beautiful, all the incredible architecture, the small towns and the English countryside. I stayed for a summer a long time ago in Buford, and went back several times, shortly after that. It was my first taste of Europe and I loved it so! All subsequent visits have been to London. I need to go back and spend some time again and I will, with my camera. I have a date with some foxes, I hope! I always notice the green flying in to England. We don’t have that in California. Beauty is everywhere and you capture a lot of of English beauty with your camera my friend~

      1. My favourite place is Snowdonia National Park in North Wales, which has a mountain railway to take you up Mount Snowden. There also the amazing Portmerion.

        The best time is early July, when the youngsters are still in school and it is less likely to rain than in spring or early summer. Good luck with your travels 🙂

    1. Yes, it definitely helps especially in Central and Nothern California, unfortunately not in Southern California where I live it. We are 85F today at The Holler with no rain in sight. It is like an endless summer in a not good way. LOVED your collaboration post with three of my favorite bloggers. Wonderful!

      1. Thanks Cindy!
        It’s been a lot of fun collaborating w/A&C. I think we did good, too.
        Sorry to hear the melting won’t reach you. It’s crazy… you just had major flooding on the east/center side.

  5. Looks like the inside of my house right now! lol 😉 Broken boiler and no gas for heating or hot water is causing penguins in the bathroom and a general sense of Siberia in the rooms lol much warmer outside in the sub zero temperatures!!

    1. Yow! Wolfie might even get cold. That sounds terrible and dangerous. I know how cold it gets there in winter. Hopefully your boiler is being fixed now! Seriously hoping you warm up~

  6. I like how you show the California treasures in this post. Your focusing on the dynamic and contrasting traits made it so interesting. I also have a different picture of California not being fragile. You managed to help me see it a different, more vulnerable way. 🙂

  7. These photos are testaments on why we love nature ~ majestic backdrops and you bring us the feel of those who wake up every morning to such sights. An incredible series of photos (nothing quite like seeing such snow on such a great draught-stricken area too!).

    1. Seeing natural California finally covered in snow is a joy. It is getting surreal now in SoCal. It will be another 85F+ day at The Holler, as it has been for over two weeks. We have gotten so little moisture. I am so glad the Sierra snowpak is doing better though as the thought of the forests dying is just so distressing. All you have to do is live at The Holler to actually experience global warming. I have lived here all my life and have never seen weather remotely like this.

  8. We have formalized our travel plans to Mammoth: June 26 – 30! As usual, WAY TOO MANY activities to do in those short number of days. We shall not be bored. Any chance that your journeys would take you that way during that time frame?

    1. It is quite possible. We return from Spain in late May and want very much to visit the Bristol Cones, and hike around Mammoth. Let’s touch base in early June and see where things are. It would be great to meet up with you and your wife in The Sierras Oscar.

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