Phatt Holiday Treats From Europe ~


For all good little adults, (Wurzburg, Germany)
like you, and me! Kids of course get all that they can eat. (Budapest, Hungary)

Oh heck, even if you’ve been bad, (Bamburg, Germany)

you can have some too. (Nurenburg, Germany

We will all behave better next year! (Vienna, Austria)

And if we don’t, (Vienna, Austria)

there are always holiday treats, (Brussels, Belgium)

for the good in all of us! (Budapest, Hungary)

And be happy because these phatt photos,
cannot make you fat! (Passau, Germany)

Cheers & Happy Holidays to you (Budapest, Hungary)~

283 thoughts on “Phatt Holiday Treats From Europe ~

  1. Oh! Yes to helping support Budapest economy and having scrumptious treats. I love whipped cream in layers of cake or torte or butter cream icing. You are a sweet temptress, Cindy! Now, I will rummage for a Christmas cookie! 😀


  2. On the photographs I noticed too many milk and not strong dark chocolates. Hopefully in Belgium and some other European places you came to eat the real chocolate of 72-86% cacao. (for me good chocolate pralines and chocolate bars, have to have at least 54% cacao and I prefer chocolate from 72% onwards with as ideal 82%.


  3. All excellent, only one possible improvement. Replace the chocolate lobster with a real live one, cook with steam, serve with melted butter and lemon juice. An expert on the subject recommended a better method, I am not going to do it, but carefully remove the rubber band from the claws so that you are not put through great pain, wrap in Saran, cook in microwave oven. He also contrives a bed of wet seaweed in the wrap. Now you know why the lobster would want to claw you and why you would deserve to be clawed.


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