Vienna’s Christmas Market~

Vienna has the most dazzlingly beautiful Christmas Market.
The market is up and running before Advent, a month before Christmas.

The visual beauty is almost as remarkable as the people.

Everyday and every night for a month, people are at the market, eating, visiting, browsing, communing.
Children and families, young and old, everyone goes. Rain or shine.
Everyone absorbing the glorious spirit of the season.
Of course it is Vienna, so there is a violin tree!
I came home with a surge of Christmas spirit and decorated the biggest tree ever!
Cheers to you and may the Spirit of the Season fly into your heart, as it did to mine~

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  1. Ach liebe Cindy, now you are finally in my home country. Vienna is stunning during Christmas and during the Heurigen. I wish I could have been there with you, because I know I few places that you would have loved. Are you still there in Wien/Vienna? If so, find the Hundertwasserhaus and take great pictures (as you always do).

    1. Posting these photos makes me so wish I was still there. So incredibly beautiful and such a sense of community in a big city. Truly a special experience. I hope some day we can meet in Wien my friend. I would love for you to show me your city. <3

  2. Now, after I saw these photos, I am sorry that I’ve visited Vienna this summer, not in the Christmas period. Looks fabulous and I will reblog your post Cindy 🙂

    1. Yes, all my visits to Vienna have been in the summer months too. I am so glad I did this winter trip to Europe to see all the Christmas Markets. They are just so special!

    1. I did just that and I am celebrating the entire Advent period as they do all over Europe. It is so much nicer than just Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years! Travel and learn~

  3. Reblogged this on look around! and commented:
    I visited Vienna in the summer and liked it very much. It’s a wonderful city. I even asked my father why not stay to live there 🙂 Now that I saw photos posted by Cindy, I’m sorry that I went to Vienna this summer not now in Christmas time. Worth to see these pictures. And, above all, read Cindy’s lines 🙂

  4. I love, love, love Vienna. It is another world—one that appeals to me. But I’ve never been there at Christmas time….Looks like the market is held in the Stadtpark? Violins in trees and that gingerbread house might delight even an old scrooge like me!

    1. The fact that you refer to yourself as an old scrooge proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are not one! You can’t fool an old shrink like me. Of course we love Vienna, what two such Cynthia’s wouldn’t? I wish we could meet there and browse….and eat! Love you my friend & Merry Christmas~

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    1. It was raining heavily when I was there but it didn’t dampen my enthusiasm. Cold, and dark and damp, seems like hot chocolate mit Sahne might have allieviated things a bit. Sounds less than ideal for your experience. Sorry~

    1. Oh Passau, I was just there. I found two more incredible sign photos I missed from the Old Guild Signs post, both from Passau. Passau is gorgeous. And yes Germany does Christmas right!

  6. Beautiful pictures, as always. I am forever jealous. M’lady, the collector of Christmas ornaments when we travel, would love the Christmas Market. I love Vienna, where you can get an exquisite pastry and coffee in a cafe while you listen to live classical music being played.

    1. Yep, pretty impossible to beat. And then all the white horses! You might consider surprising your lady with a trip to Vienna for The Christmas Markets. If she collects ornaments, as my daughter does, she will be transported~

  7. Oh, Cindy! My eyes “feasted” on the sights and was mesmerized by all the shiny and glittery items for sale. The violin tree was beautiful and I wondered about the red, white and blue arches. Surely, not for the USA? 🙂
    Did you buy ornaments? I could see me packing a few in my suitcase to take home as gifts. Scarves would be nice for the girls… lovely and thanks for showing us the sights of the Christmas Fair or Market!
    Merry, marvelous Christmas to you snd all your loved ones, Cindy. ♡

    1. I splurged on a hat from Germany’s oldest hatmaker that I wore everyday and so my shopping was done with that one purchase. Shopping at the markets would have been a lot of fun, I just ate, and took photos. Heaven for me. Merry Christmas Robin! <3

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  9. Ahhh, it’s beautiful at every time of day I see! From bustling and festive during the day to serene and enchanting at night. Thanks Cindy, for sharing the magic of the Christmas Market! You’re right. If I were there, I don’t think I’d ever leave! 😀 ~Lynn

  10. Fabulous photos I feel like I’m on the trip with you, those soap strings are brilliant, great Christmas gifts, and garlic bread don’t get me started my mouth is watering, my friends won’t share a garlic bread with me because I eat it so fast they don’t get a fair share 😆. I’ve enjoyed all your December posts ☺️ Merry Christmas 🎄

  11. Magnificent Cindy I do miss this part of Christmas living in Spain, but I have good memories visiting Austria, Germany and living in holland… Merry Christmas to you and may 2016 be a great year for you too… Love barbara c

  12. Very Christmas’y and colorful! I used to love the Christmas market in old town Stockholm…some similarities with these great shots from Vienna.

  13. Liebe Cindy das sind ja wunderbare Fotos die sind dir aber super gelungen hab einen schönen 4 Advent mit vielen lieben Weihnachtsgrüße Klaus in Freundschaft

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  15. Now I have a new travel spot on my bucket list! This looks enchanting Cindy! When we lived in Spain there were Christmas markets on the plazas– lots of treats and stall after stall of nativity pieces. Loved it– but this looks even more amazing. Fun post!! thanks. and Merry Christmas!

  16. I enjoyed your post. Here in Chicago we have a Christkindlmarkt too, which opens when Advent starts. It’s in the heart of downtown. It’s not as beautiful as Vienna’s, though!

  17. Vienna is my favorite place (so many close seconds), but the music of the city swept me away ~ and nice to see you enjoying it so well. Cheers Cindy, and continued safe travels into 2016.

  18. The Vienna’s Christmas Market is one of the biggest draws in Vienna and also Austria. It attracts tourists from all over Europe each year as Viennas is a very welcoming old world town that is full of interesting historic buildings, magnificent parks, beautiful architecture and fantastic night life. Each year Viennas opens its Christmas market day by carrying out the huge fireworks display which can be seen all across the city and into the surrounding area. As, well as this there are plenty of exciting things to do in Viennas throughout Christmas Day including traditional street markets, traditional dancing, puppet theatre performances, and lots of family fun including horse riding in the evening.
    Kids Christmas Ornaments

  19. hello
    I have a new travel spot on my bucket list! This looks enchanting Cindy! When we lived in Spain there were Christmas markets on the plazas– lots of treats and stall after stall of nativity pieces. Loved it– but this looks even more amazing. Fun post!! thanks. and Merry Christmas!

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