Vienna’s Christmas Market~

Vienna has the most dazzlingly beautiful Christmas Market.
The market is up and running before Advent, a month before Christmas.

The visual beauty is almost as remarkable as the people.

Everyday and every night for a month, people are at the market, eating, visiting, browsing, communing.
Children and families, young and old, everyone goes. Rain or shine.
Everyone absorbing the glorious spirit of the season.
Of course it is Vienna, so there is a violin tree!
I came home with a surge of Christmas spirit and decorated the biggest tree ever!
Cheers to you and may the Spirit of the Season fly into your heart, as it did to mine~

268 thoughts on “Vienna’s Christmas Market~

  1. Now I have a new travel spot on my bucket list! This looks enchanting Cindy! When we lived in Spain there were Christmas markets on the plazas– lots of treats and stall after stall of nativity pieces. Loved it– but this looks even more amazing. Fun post!! thanks. and Merry Christmas!


  2. Vienna is my favorite place (so many close seconds), but the music of the city swept me away ~ and nice to see you enjoying it so well. Cheers Cindy, and continued safe travels into 2016.


  3. The Vienna’s Christmas Market is one of the biggest draws in Vienna and also Austria. It attracts tourists from all over Europe each year as Viennas is a very welcoming old world town that is full of interesting historic buildings, magnificent parks, beautiful architecture and fantastic night life. Each year Viennas opens its Christmas market day by carrying out the huge fireworks display which can be seen all across the city and into the surrounding area. As, well as this there are plenty of exciting things to do in Viennas throughout Christmas Day including traditional street markets, traditional dancing, puppet theatre performances, and lots of family fun including horse riding in the evening.
    Kids Christmas Ornaments


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