Old Germanic Guild Signs~

DSC07234 (1)
Wandering around cobblestone streets in medieval Germanic towns,

one finds an incredible collection of very old guild signs.

Many are preserved from Medieval times, but the tradition of making these distinctive signs continues to this day. In my next post I will show you more contemporary signs that are seriously charming.

These old guild signs are made of wrought iron, and advertised the trade or services available inside.
DSC07260 (1)
German-speaking countries have saved the largest collection of medieval and old guild signs in Europe. They are a treat to look for and find.


We are now home so it’s cheers to you from the Holler~

182 thoughts on “Old Germanic Guild Signs~

  1. Seeing this I felt beauty can be brought in anything.
    I am a Fabricator. I make Rolling Shutters in Steel.
    I understand the pains, efforts, intelligence, accuracy and sincerity behind making these Guild Signs.
    You have caught them right!


  2. I like when you say at the beginning “wondering around “cobblestone” …for crying out loud you wonder around every place on earth, if it´s not with some wild beast in Africa it´s in some pretty streets in Germany, wondering around…..
    Nice pic´s as always, good to travel through your blog.


  3. I think I remember seeing similar signs in Boston. Could be my imagination which is growing as I age. Thanks for stopping by after I’ve been off in my cocoon finishing the novel. Looking forward to catching up on what I missed in the blog world over the last many months. Feliz Navidad y un Feliz Año Nuevo Cindy, from my little corner of paradise.


    • I am fascinated by them. It is so easy to walk by and not notice them. But if you notice one, you start to see them all, like finding pieces of a puzzle as you walk along! So pleased you find them interesting too~


  4. Until I turned over the lithograph I received from my Dad whose Grand Uncle was Alexander Calder, I did not realize we have Art Guilds which vouch for authenticity in paintings, Cindy. I have come to appreciate this ancestor more through my life. I loves the Guild signs in your photographs! 🙂


    • Yes, guilds are fascinating as so old. It is wonderful that they are still going. Calder influenced my generation so directly, amazing he is your relative. You know I am an early retired shrink. The field of family therapy relied heavily on Calder’s mobiles to illustrate the the precarious balance of dysfunctional family dynamics. In a healthier family it was posited, members can move out of the family without disrupting the familial core. A dysfunctional family operates like a Calder mobile, pull out one member, like pulling out one piece of Calder’s mobile, and the whole structure collapses. We actually watched the process on Calder inspired mobiles. So his influence extended well beyond his art. Remarkably synchronistic Robin.


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