El Mundo del Flores~

The World of Flowers~
Our world of pain (passion flowers, Florida),
is also our world of beauty.
Consider the flowers (salt water marsh flowers, Patagonia).
Gifts to remind us everyday (freesias, The Azores),
in every corner of the planet (tulips, Ireland),
that although there is pain (tulips, Netherlands),
there is also beauty (water lily, Huahine).
Cheers to you from all the flowers on our beautiful planet (ranunculus California)~

101 thoughts on “El Mundo del Flores~

  1. I am so happy to have caught your blog post before there are 200 comments on it. Cindy, your photos are magnificent and although I don’t often comment I always feel moved by them. 🙂

  2. I could have sworn you tore that first passion flower right out of my blog 😀 Just kidding.. wonderful pics, Cindy. I love the passion flowers.. and a wild variety grows here too, a pic of which I put up on my blog too in the recent past. Wonderful pics… thank you…

      1. Yes, I know, spectacular colours and patterns. I also have another pic taken from my garden a few years ago, another striking blood red colour. Will post it sometime soon.

    1. I think you may mean third. I didn’t see this bird originally and was thrilled when someone with very perceptive eyes (just like you) saw him. He is a plover and is a surreptitous spy. I love it when bloggers find things I didn’t see in my photos. A blogger found a baby nyland hiding amongst the adults, by counting the legs! Incredible! I totally missed it. Thank you for seeing so precisely!

    1. So sorry you had to see it twice. I hate posting it twice but it didn’t post for me and other people have mentioned not getting it. It probably isn’t consistently missing which just makes it more problematic.
      Ah well, a minor thing when one can look at Mother Nature’s handiwork. Cheers to you and thank you~

  3. Cindy, you just managed to fool my brain into thinking that Spring is coming up! Haha! Mmmm, I love freesias so much that whenever I see a picture of them, I instantly recall the scent of them. All those flowers are such a sight though. Nice to see them growing strong and vibrant in their homelands! 🙂 ~Lynn

    1. Yes, I love freesias too and grow them, so I can put them on my nightstand and fall asleep with freesia scented air. Heavenly! Cheers and have a great week Lynn~ <3

  4. It’s the second time I received your Glorious Floral post,dear Cindy.
    Here is the comment I left – I don’t know which one you’ll receive –

    Light,Colours,Shapes,Sweet faces …
    The Grandeur of the flower world your floral post,dear Cindy 🙂 xxx

  5. Such a gorgeous post that I thought I’d double up on the like and comment! 🙂
    How annoying that it didn’t show up in the reader! Well, nothing is perfect.

    1. I really don’t like double posting. It is so intrusive for people who receive email notifications, but I didn’t know what else to do to get it posted in the reader. It happened with the bear post too. A new glitch I guess. Have a wonderful week Resa~ <3

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  7. Cindy – have moved to a new house and am deep in the midst of writing my second novel, so I haven’t been able to enjoy your photos like in the past. Just took a break to scroll through – so great. Love the red flower here – gives a much needed jolt!

    1. Both things are very exciting, your new house and your new novel. So happy you are staying in touch and look forward to hearing and seeing how both your new projects are going! <3

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