Sunset Progression Mid-Atlantic~

No ships seen for days,
in the Sargasso Sea.
Just the sea,
and the sun,
as it rises,
and sets.

Casting reflections,
on a lonely ship.
Cheers to you, from your setting sun~

267 thoughts on “Sunset Progression Mid-Atlantic~

    • So sorry to hear this Mary. And yes, the beauty of the natural world does so much to lift my spirits when I am feeling down. It is almost like it is saying to each of us, ” Take heart. Look you are part of something so much bigger, that is so incredibly beautiful.”
      You know this of course Mary, because this is reflected in the beauty that you paint. My thoughts are with you my friend, as well as my empathy, and hopes that you feel better. ❤ ❤

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  2. Sunsets and sunrises they are never the same from day to day and place to place. Not a ship in sight and you own personal view of uniqueness. yay 🙂 Thanks for the share..

    P.S. That grey bit in the bottom right corner can be dragged to enlarge. I wish they would tell us these things. 🙂


  3. Wow, I love this series. Colors and composition are amazing, and you have captured a painting of nature that only Mother Nature herself could produce. These would make a great series of photos to hang anywhere in the house. Cheers to a great week!


  4. Hello Cindy! I just nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award.

    Don´t worry you don´t have to accept the award or do anything, this is just my way to tell you THANK YOU, I admire your work and I am grateful to you for sharing and teaching me so much! Your photographs are amazing really!

    Check it out here:

    And once again, thank you for blogging!!!

    Your friend always,
    Hector Sampson


  5. There is a lot I can say about those photos of that sunset. And all of it is bad. I have often gone out into the field and taken a photo of the sunset. In fact I did so tonight. But I will never bother to do so again. Your photos have closed the door, shut the gate, turned off the light, stopped the process. They are the final and end of the game. You could at least have included one sort of pathetic shot that we should have met. They are fan-bloody-tas-tic.


    • Awwww, your kindness is so very appreciated! Please don’t stop taking sunset clicks. I love them all. Each unique, like a fingerprint, some spectacularly vibrant, others subdued, but quietly lovely, but regardless, all so beautiful. Plus one of the things I so love about photography, is the possibility of being in the right place at the right time. I definitely want to see your sunset photos my friend and thank you so much for your thoughtful kindness.


  6. Hi Cindy thank you for the follow I thought you were already following me, but hey it gave the chance to come over here and spend a lovely hour soaking up all your travels! I see you have been to my home town London though I do not live there now. Fabulous photos and memories!! xxx


  7. Oh,my lovely friend Cindy,the skies are ablaze!Love the intensity of the sunrise and sunset tonalities and the luminous disk amongst the fiery scapes!Great timing!
    PS:Thank you for liking my recent post,it means that you know why I disappeared …
    And of course,many thanks for re-following me 🙂 xxx


    • Mintu I am so sorry! That was a mistake. I have been very happily married for many years. I just wanted to change my status to married and this notification went out that I got married! Laughing……this was news to my husband! 😉 😉


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