Roll and wallow,

bellow and burp.
Loaf all day,


and eat all night.


I wish I,

were a hippotomi!
Cheers to you from Kruger’s loudest critter~

231 thoughts on “Hipposterus,

  1. Holy cow–or hippo as the case may be. Those are–again–some spectacular photos, Cindy. What a treat to see these fellows (and of course your handiwork in capturing them on film!)


    • Cheers to you and now that you mention it, they do sort of remind me of The Holler’s cows, even the bellowing, but the hippos are definitely better swimmers and they can spin underwater without getting water in their ears! This is a talent I would like to have.


  2. I was surprised to find when I lived in Africa that hippos are the deadliest animal (except perhaps mosquitoes) on the continent. The only place I would swim there was Lake Kivu, a lake high in the mountains where the water was warmed by thermal vents and so hippos and bilharzia could not live there. Great, great photos!


    • Yes, they do have a fearsome reputation for good reason, but t they are endangered and their principal predators are humans. This might contribute to this ferocity. They may not like us all that much. You must have had such incredible experiences living in Africa. That lake sounds divine. Did you take some photos of it??? Hint, hint~ πŸ˜‰


  3. You are “hip”, Cuz, just without the “potomus” . All of your Africa pics so far have been brilliant. Love ’em all. Looks like you’ve found a private corner of heaven. Keep on enjoying it !!! πŸ™‚


    • Well, I am Holler bond now, but still have some more pics of African critters. You can probably tell I kinda like ’em! Hope you are doing well. I pop over to your blog regularly to make sure I’m not missing anything!

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      • You haven’t missed much lately, Cindy. Been busy with family events and home projects to do much else lately and by the time evening rolls around I’m just too tired to think. Got a lot done in the past month though and I think summer will be much easier now. Travel safely. πŸ™‚


    • Fascinating and I can see why they came up with this moniker. Interestingly, the term hippopotamus came from the Greeks and means sea horse. Seems people were on similar tracks regarding seekoeis (I wish I could pronouce this) albeit separated by time and distance!


  4. I’ve found you at last – again , and what treasures i’ve scrolled through.. think I’ve at last mastered how to follow you and will be chagrined if it doesn’t work this time…


  5. Cindy, wonderful shots of those hippos, taken at a wise distance, I see! Hippos are rather good at trampling African villages underfoot, probably not maliciously but just because they’re focused upon getting from A to B, without bothering about what stands in their path.


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