Izilwane Zasendle~

This Zulu phrase means wild animals. There are about 12,000 white, and 627 black rhinos in Kruger National Park. This one is looking at you for protection!
DSC07736 (3)
Leopards in Kruger are rare and rarely seen.
We were very lucky to see this one! The Kruger population is estimated at approximately 1000, although they are hard to count, because they are hard to find.
1,700 lions are thought to live in Kruger.
There are about 37,000 cape buffalo, and yes this one is sleeping. They do that a lot in water holes!
There are only around 300 nyala. This is a male and two females. Quite a sighting of beautiful, shy, creatures! (Late addition: My blogging friend Quiall, see comments, found a baby nyala’s legs in this photo that I didn’t see. Count the legs and you’ll find the baby!)
2000 warthogs,
5000 waterbuck,
over 127,000 impala,
and more than 8,000 kudu call Kruger home. A trip to Kruger is an incredible experience and aids the park’s impressive wildlife conservation efforts.
Estimates, calculated between 2008 and 2009. Read more about Kruger’s animals and conservation efforts at: http://www.mediaclubsouthafrica.com/visitsa/1825-240610-kruger-park#ixzz3duwscq1H
Cheers to you from Kruger’s spectacular izilwane zasendle~

215 thoughts on “Izilwane Zasendle~

  1. You were so lucky to have a leopard sighting! They are so difficult to find. In my 8 years in Africa, and numerous safaris, we saw a leopard “properly” only twice. A few times we only saw a tail in the bush πŸ™‚ Thanks for all your wonderful photos from the beautiful Kruger park.Their conservation efforts are commendable!


    • We actually had two sightings, but one was a leopard resting in a bush. You could see some bits of orange and black and a tail that occasionally flicked but that was it. You can get better sightings (and photos) in the leopard reserves, but I prefer it more natural. If you see one great, but if not, there is so much else to see. Still people did see the wild dog packs. That would be a thrill. This is the deal with Africa. There is always more to see!!


  2. Your photos are unbelievable! The way you just gaze into the eyes of the bucks and kudu! πŸ™‚ And I love the way a big cat lies so gracefully in a tree. As if he belonged there! Happy weekend, Cindy πŸ™‚


  3. Enjoyed your great pics Cindy, really a bad scenario that there is only 1000 Leopards in the park.
    Kruger park must cover a vast area and really needs support in keeping these great creatures in a safe environment, the poor old Rhino is a victim of poachers after his tusk, the Elephant and his tusks, these animals need maximum protection by all nations.


  4. Stunning pics, Cindy. I’ve been recently watching a show called Big Cat Diaries. An English crew documenting their time in Africa while following Leopards, Lions and Cheetahs. I’ve enjoyed it so much, learning about these cats; how the live, their instincts, how family oriented they are. It’s awesome for me to see them through your eyes. Makes it feel more real for me. Is that crazy?!! lol Lovely and sharing it now. πŸ˜‰ xoxo


    • I am pretty much addicted to seeing & photographing wild animal eyes, especially when they look directly at me, which they do all the time. You need a telephoto to see how often wild animals are looking directly at you. It is the most amazing feeling of communion to look right back at them. The other things that compels me is the complete diffference in the eyes of a wild animal in comparison to a domestic or zoo animal. There is really no comparison. The wild animal eyes are so alert, so bright, so alive, and not depressed. Zoo animals have depressed eyes.


  5. What gorgeous creatures and your beautiful photos and words reflect their vulnerability to human encroachment and worse. This has been a lovely trip to parts of Africa – thank you.


  6. That leopard seems to be having a great time, just up there in the shade taking a nap…..he seemed quite comfortable……until you found him and disturb his sleep!! You are lucky to find one then, how many times to you go to SafariΒ΄s ? Just curious with all the picΒ΄s and all, don`t have to answer.


    • Yes, leopards chill out a lot after they gorge, often in trees. We actually saw two on this trip, but only one was photograhable. We have been to Africa two separate times. Both times to South Africa, spending most of our time in Kruger, and self driving each time. We stay in, and around the park, and do some ranger led game drives and walking safaris with rangers. But mosly we go on our own and prefer it this way. On our first trip my son came with us. Each trip is 22 hours of flying one way!!! Since I hate to fly, you can imagine how much I love Africa!


  7. Wonderful shots and an adventure for sure! Impalas are very elegant and I love buffalos. My husband went last year but wasn’t lucky enough to see any leopard – congratulations!


  8. The leopard was the only one that eluded us. We caught a glipse of one, but by the time I had the camera up, it had slid down the tree trunk into the brush. As to those impala, after two days they looked like white tail deer along the freeways on the East Coast.


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