Two Headed Giraffes~

DSC06441 (1)
Giraffes know that two heads are better than one.

You can look in two different directions at the same time!

And one head can be used to prod the other along.

Three heads are even better than two,
but more prone to go in different directions.
Eventually they all reach accord.
But four heads?
That’s just too confusing!
Cheers to you from the elegant, intelligent giraffes~

166 thoughts on “Two Headed Giraffes~

  1. WHO – Is that really a two headed giraffe or did you just capture that in such a great angle?
    I think I see two – then I think – huh?
    Oh Cindy – you really got me here. 😀


  2. Truly lovely photos, Cindy, and fun narrative. Love that photo with the three giraffes all facing in one direction. I’m so happy you’re having a great safari. 😀


    • Yes. Someone just poached a rhino nearby. He was rescued, but terribly injured. It is horrible to think about, because they are grazers and let you take photos nearby. I can’t imagine violating creatures like this~


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  4. So very pleased you like the giraffes my friend. They are the most fun to watch and so interactive and curious. They walk at you to see what your doing. I love em. Thank you so much Patty!


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