Stork Fishing & Hippo Surfing African Style~

The Yellow Billed Stork dined on catfish tonite.
The poor catfish was given no say in the matter.
The stork’s eyes seemed bigger than his beak,
and the meal was almost more than he could swallow.
The Purple Herons,
were busy Hippo surfing.
But even they thought the stork caught more than he could swallow!
Cheers to you from Sunset Dam & Lake Panic Bird Hide Kruger National Park~

191 thoughts on “Stork Fishing & Hippo Surfing African Style~

  1. Fantastic pics, again, Cindy! You have quite a knack for capturing birds. What lens did you use for the storck? With my zoom lens, it would be difficult to have both the body and the head in sharp focus like you did.


  2. Fantastic as always, Cindy. I remember seeing a pelican trying to swallow a flounder once and it was too wide to get down its neck. It was quite hilarious to watch like your stork.Wish I could carry your suitcases! xx Rowena


  3. Oh Cindy these photos are fabulous! Those glorious stork photos wrestling with the catfish, and then I gasped when I saw the herons on the hippo. I am SO glad you are enjoying your African adventure my friend…. 😀


    • So grateful and pleased that you enjoy looking at the details we can’t see with our eyes only. I am always surprised what the camera sees. Thank you so much for appreciating & visiting! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  4. Your first photo of the yellow billed stork has to be the best bird picture I have ever seen. While I felt sorry for the catfish, I couldn’t help thinking it would be delicious served cajun style!


    • Oh, laughng about the cajun catfish! It’s true too, but sadly the stork may prefer it unseasoned…….hard to swallow, I know. 🙂
      Thank so much you for the very encouraging feedback~ ❤


  5. ¡Qué interesante secuencia! El triste final del pez gato muestra la crudeza de la vida misma. El posado de las garzas sobre su isla-hipopótamo hace sonreir. Y eso que los hipopótamos, según se dice, no son muy amigables 😉 Sigo disfrutando de su visita al Parque Nacional Kruger desde mi sillón. Gracias ❤


  6. Our guide had a vast knowledge of birds and amazing vision to find them. We stood by Sunset Dam for some time watching more birds than I can remember (we picked up one of the animals/bird list books at the first gift shop and checked off about 135 birds by the end of our trip). No storks they day we were there (We traveled in their Spring, so the migration patterns were at a different time of the year). Enjoy our wildlife spotting…. and good luck finding internet service!


    • Yes, we were at Sunset on our first trip too. No guide just us turkeys! Lots of kingfishers, a green boomslang, the second greenboomslang on this trip, fishing eagles, balateurs, tawny eagles. We have lost count of the number of species on this trip, but did keep a list last time. Although I am keeping track of each new species seen. Got photos of a leopard. Saw a lot of ostrich a few days ago. Seeing some very rare birds and uncommon species, genets, civets, caracal, lots of amazing creatures. We tend to drive down dirt roads to water holes for hours at a time and are frequently quite alone. Thrilled to know you have been Oscar! You know what the experience is like~


  7. It’s been a while since I’ve visited your blog, but I am delighted to be catching up today. Your photography, and sense of fun, are stunning! Thank you for sharing them.


  8. Great colour in these stork shots, and beautiful plumage detail.

    I’m surprised that the hippos — being that they’re so extremely territorial, don’t freak out on the herons being so close.


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