What would it be like to live in paradise? Can you try and imagine? (Please click to enlarge). Here are the tools of trade for living in Huahine, outriggers, fishing boats, nets and boat hangers. Guava, Papaya, Coconut, Breadfruit, Passion Fruit, sweet potatoes and Bananas are everywhere growing wild. Fish are teeming in the lagoons. Chickens roam at will.
This man was fishing with a drop line, he saw my camera, and performed an ocean akido for us! How beautiful is he and so at home in his sea?

This is Huahine’ main archeological site with a traditional house, even the palm trees are laid back here.
Lots of folks want to experience paradise on their own terms.
They sail The Society Islands, stopping where and when they choose. They stay for a long time in Huahine. Smart sailors.
And always the pounding surf on the fringing reefs, sings you to sleep at night and awake in the morning.
The fringing reef protects the island and gives it such ethereal hues.
And at the end of the day, this is home!
Oh, and if you are thinking of visiting Polynesia, consider Huahine. If you like to avoid tourists and development, you will be very happy here. Just watch out for the coral!
Cheers to you from incredible Huahine~
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201 thoughts on “Paradise~

  1. I was fortunate to have visited Tahiti and Bora Bora a few years back. I met an Austrian gentleman who had left home 40 years prior and never returned to Austria. It’s true, it is paradise.

  2. These are just so beautiful, Cindy! Makes me wish I’d sneaked into your luggage and tagged along — I could sure use a lovely beach side rest in the heart of winter!

    1. Yeah, there is that! Let’s think of others, too many beautiful empty beaches get boring after awhile? Who wants to eat so much tropical fruit? The warm weather makes you too lazy? There is altogether too much napping going on in a tropical isle? The dogs are always sleeping and too lazy to bark? I could go on and on, paradise is lost on me just like Milton. πŸ˜‰

  3. Oh my – as I sit and type this with a winter chill in the air and see the colors of the sea in your pics……. well, sigh, I’m in. I’m packing – or at least imagining packing. πŸ™‚
    Thank you for sharing.
    cate b

  4. Your beautiful images look so inviting. I want to let you know that I nominated you for the Versatility Blogging Award. If for any reason you decline the nomination, I will not be offended.

    1. Laughing!!! A man after my own heart! Alarm clocks have never been my friends, blasted things. I think they are against the law here. You get sentenced to picking mangos if you are caught in possession.

    1. I seriously think you should GO! Caregivers need breaks big time and you are due one BIG TIME! You are soooo close to the Caribbean???? Email me in a week or so if you are serious. I could help arrange respite care paid for by Medicare…….What is the point of having a blogging social worker friend if she can’t help out anyway? I can do some stuff besides travel! I think I remember how……. The offer stands if you are interested.

      1. Ah, Cindy… where’s you adventure spirit. πŸ™‚ Then there was the time our son lost his motor and the wind about the same time when sailing down the coast of Mexico… and the time i had to be towed in off the coast of Alaska. Hmmm. πŸ™‚ –Curt

    1. As of yesterday they started to scab over, so still no ocean, until they are completely healed, but I am on the mend. The tropics slows healing down…..Thanks for asking!

    1. Please buy cat and dog food at the local store. We’ve been feeding the feral cats and dogs and I am worried who will do it when we leave. The hotel doesn’t approve of me doing this, so I hid a note in French and English in the hotel room information notebook. If you come, I know it will be taken care of !!! Besides I want you to go on vacation, as you well know, and this place is paradise, except for the feral cats & dogs.

  5. Hi, Cuz,
    Sunshine, calm winds and 70 degrees is close enough to paradise for me right now. Hope the rest of your trip is as beautiful and fun as this looks. Got to get that foot fixed and get in the water !!!!! πŸ™‚

  6. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos, Cindy! They remind me a lot of where I live-except that overdevelopment and pollution have overwritten much that used to look just like paradise. It’s still here though-just better hidden:-)

  7. Oh how I loved this vicarious visit to paradise. I especially enjoyed how you captured life with the sea, Cindy. Thanks for taking time out of your visit to share your moments…. πŸ™‚

  8. And, I thought that traveling from chilly (15F) WV to sunny (65F) San Jose, CA today would be toasty! I would not need jeans, let alone flannel lined jeans where you have been.

      1. Lion fish? Wow- they resemble lions?
        I read a Sherlock story where a poisonous anemone resembles a lion’s mane. Is that the same?
        Swimming in the ocean – sounds llike a dream! I would never venture beyond swimming pool.

      2. Lion fish are poisonous. I saw one on my first day in the water. It was large and just floated there like a beautiful, poisonous flower. They will not go after you. They just float and if you leave them alone you are fine. If you touch them, you are in a world of trouble. Thinking of scary stuff and danger. Yesterday I was walking to get the mail and my husband said, “You just walked over a snake.”
        I looked and sure enough I had just walked over a almost six year old southern pacific rattlesnake. I wasn’t expecting them out of hibernation so early, so I wasn’t looking and it was in the middle of our road.
        I am so grateful he chose not to bite me.

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