California’s Wild Zebras & Elephant Kids~

What, you didn’t know California had wild Zebras? Well, don’t feel bad, neither did I, until I saw them grazing with the cows on the side of the road in Big Sur and nearly ran off the road!
Apparently William Randolph Hearst imported them long ago from Africa to roam around his castle with his cows.
It must have been good to be William Randolph Hearst.
These are definitely California elephant seal kids. They stole someone’s boogie board and there is no way they are giving it back! Probably ripped it off from some Southern California kid and boogied north on it. What, you didn’t know elephant seals boogie boarded? Don’t feel bad, neither did I.
Like many California kids, all they want to do is surf and sleep, and hang out at the beach.
This is exactly what I did when I was a California kid.
It’s good to be a Ellie kid!
Thank you for your patience with my elephant seal photos, this is the last of them! Cheers to you from Caly’s Zebras & Ellie Kids~
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160 thoughts on “California’s Wild Zebras & Elephant Kids~

  1. Oh, Cindy, I just so loved this post! It is so good to hear people care about animals like you have written about. Your photos are awesome and the one I just fell in LOVE with is the close up of the seal’s face. The gentleness and innocence portrayed is incredible! How did you manage to get a shot like that? Just awesome job all the way around! Love, Amy


  2. Cindy – your seal posts have been adventurous and so nice. I also like your upbeat take on things – for example, when I saw the piece of boogie board – I thought trash – and then your fun comment about the seals using it had me laughing = and diffused my critical side. πŸ™‚
    also love the zebra and the cow head-to-head shot – felt like friendship. πŸ™‚


    • Oh what wonderful things to say! Perception is fascinating isn’t it? Two people looking at the same thing, may see it entirely differently. I am very glad you enjoyed the post and that it made you laugh. We need to laugh as much as possible! Cheers & thank you~


    • So glad you had a chance to see the ellies. I have been to Big Sur many times and never saw the zebras, of course I wasn’t looking for them as I didn’t know they were there. I think if one is consciously looking, one will find them.


  3. Your post put a big broad light hearted smile on my face! Zebra is one of my totem animals….I would be in quite a state if I ran into wild zebras here in North america! Lucky lucky to get so close to these amazing creatures.


  4. Californian coastline is very like a lot we have here. And I loved the Zebras. Thanks so much for your support this year. Scattered words will close but Cryptic Garland will keep going.
    Have a wonderful Christmas. John


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