What to Expect When an Ellie’s Expecting~

Well, there can be some irritability.
This is what she is normally like.
But mood issues are not unexpected when she’s expecting.
She needs a break though, when she yells at the kids.
The guys don’t get they need to let her sleep.
She’s even testy with her female friends.
Jim was cautious with these hordes of attitudinal pregnant mamas.
I felt right at home. πŸ˜‰
Cheers to you from the glorious, if occasionally moody, nothern elephant seals.

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112 thoughts on “What to Expect When an Ellie’s Expecting~

  1. Ellie is gorgeous. I’m not surprised she’s irritable, looking at the size of her in an expectant state. Funnily enough, mood-wise, I was more placid than usual when pregnant but more physically energetic. I remember winning an egg-and-spoon race on sports day at my daughter’s school when I was 7 months pregnant with my son. I must have looked such a sight trundling along dressed in dungarees and certainly didn’t look nearly as pretty as Ellie!

    1. Yes, I was the same way, a happy pregnant person, but the ellies? They are a tad touchier. I don’t blame them considering what is going to happen to them about four weeks after giving birth. The mating is pretty brutal.

    1. They come here to give birth in mid-December. They nurse for four weeks without eating. Then there is a rather brutal coercive mating experience before they head out to open ocean for 7 or more months. I get their grouchiness!

  2. She is expecting! I love the photo with the tail up, and you even captured when she was yelling at the kids (I really like this one)! I see Jim was way out there… πŸ˜€ Having so much fun watching these great photos. Thank you, Cindy!

      1. Sometimes, though, women are cruelest to themselves. We’ve never had it easy. Our great-grandmothers till fields with their large bellies. We trot around the boardroom in high heels to keep up our professional image, lug heavy luggage to overseas conferences and pull off all-nighters to rush through an endless stream of projects, right until the very final stage of pregnancy. Yet, we indulge in merciless parodies of ourselves, perpetuating the stereotype of the emotional career woman who cannot be trusted in leadership positions.

        Some men, in contrast, place women on such a high pedestal for their childbearing sacrifices that your face reddens when you stand next to them, listening to all those praises they sing of women (“Women’s wombs are sacred temples.” “Women play magical roles.”).

      2. Nobody ever told me my womb was a ‘sacred temple’ or that I play a ‘magical role.’ I feel robbed! πŸ˜‰ Amazing that men said this to you. I probably would burst out laughing…..In terms of the elephant seals, I think the males have it really rough too, all that fighting and competition and injury, with only the most aggressive few getting to mate. Of course mating for the females ellies is pretty horrendous with much force and violence and well, rape. Biologist have a term for it that I forget, but if you have ever wittnessed it, is rape, sometimes by multiple males. About 1 in 1000 female ellies are killed during mating.
        As a therapist for thirty years, I see the damage of rigid gender roles harming both sexes. Female humans though face disproportianate sexual abuse from early ages and this is the most heinous aspect of gender politics to me.

    1. the juveniles are what interest me most.
      i’m in a quandary, I was gonna do my next post on “kids will be kids” about the juvenile seals, you can’t BELIEVE what i found, they stole a boogey board and hoarded it, from a far away human, but I’m afraid people might get bored of ellies! I have other stuff to post, but I am not bored of the ellies! πŸ˜‰
      i think i have to go with the juvenile surfing boogey board-stealing elepant seals, what do you think?
      plus in the photos you could see them reeling from the continual parental reprimands, they were just so california….except they spent the first 8 months of their lives swimming in mid-ocean.
      my God they fascinate me!!!

  3. Cindy – great shots! They do seem to bicker a lot. I’m assuming you are using a very big zoom lens, I wouldn’t want you to risk your safety just to bring us these awesome photos – that first one looks like she is warning you!

    1. I risk nothing.
      I have so much fun with wild animals, it is ridiculous.
      I seek them out.
      She was warning me.
      And you are so smart to know.
      I heeded her warning, with joy.
      I used to work with people more complicated than her.
      They were much more dangerous.
      This is cake.

  4. Great photos and captions Cindy! I’m not sure where you were but I took my kids to AΓ±o Nuevo State Park. I’m afraid that was a few years ago… πŸ™‚

  5. What beautiful creatures, despite the fact, that they are lying there like a pyle of corpses. They only seem to be clumsy on the land, but if you could only see them in the water you would never think that way.

    1. Yes, I know the tour is for a good reason, but it does reduce the enjoyment of just viewing colonies on your own with no other people around. The seals are much more interactive with you when you are the only people there. So happy you enjoyed~

    1. Yes, the ladies arrive in early December and start giving birth in mid December, then four weeks lating the mating debacle begins. It’s like Antarctica on our doorstep!

  6. I liked the way you were so playful in your comments and appreciated the fun shown in the photos, too. The yelling at the kids and testy with friends, all within my own memories of being pregnant, once right through the hottest part of summer (baby son born in September!)

  7. Well it is a very difficult and trying time!! lol πŸ˜‰ Not that I’ve had the experience personally but I did have a pregnant cat to take care of lol and that was definitely an irritable time for her, and as to giving birth!! Clearly didn’t sit well with her as she yowled and howled at the top of her voice and firmly grabbed my hand in clawed paws when I tried to retreat from the situation, sinking her teeth into my hand at the birthing moment in no uncertain terms!!

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