Ghosts of the Wild West~

Do unquiet ghosts still linger here?
Peering through the painted glass?
Living in their pioneer world.
What tales would they tell of the wild, wild, west?
Would you dare check in and stay?
To hear what they would have to say?
Or would you just stop by for the day?
I, of course, would love to stay!
Cheers to you from the wild, wild, west~
Note: The pioneers built these homes and buildings, located in San Diego’s Old Town, from 1825 until the late 1890’s.
“I would like to live a Victorian life surrounded by exquisite clutter” Freddie Mercury

186 thoughts on “Ghosts of the Wild West~

    • No snow, but it is RAINING NOW after horrendous drought. We live in a more western place at The Holler than Old Town which is part of downtown San Diego. People settled The Holler with the Homestead Act where they were given 40 acres and a mule. The homesteaders eventually left because the conditions were too rough out here which is quite unusual. We get some intense heat in the summer, very high winds, freezing temps in the winter, and lots of bugs. No snow though it surrounds us in the nearby foothils when it rains like now.


  1. I love seeing those old folk Victorian homes painted properly. The house here was once a painted lady but when the Neo-colonial style swept across the country after WWI everything was painted white. And white our old house has remained. Thanks for sharing the great pictures.


  2. This picture does indeed paint a thousand words; if only the building could talk!! I find old buildings to be curious places. Its almost as though you can feel the past seeping through the structure to greet you. I feel they always evoke an air of mystery and enchantment. Thanks for posting.


  3. I’d love to check in and stay! Coincidentally I was told today my workplace, which is a Grade 2 listed building, is haunted! It stemmed from my freaking out last night about a strip light in a corridor suddenly flickering and stuttering, creating all sorts of strange, scary lighting effects before it shut down forever…and apparently 2 people have died there in years gone by….I’m told that things move around on their own when nobody is there to move them and that there are secret tunnels underneath the building that were used in the war years by soldiers moving discreetly from place to place….things definitely go bump in the night! And nobody likes being the one to open up on their own!!


  4. I really like older buildings with such color, flavor and character. Cindy, these are beautiful photos and wish I lived closer to these locations, so I could explore. I have drawn hundreds of pen and ink drawings of Victorian and historical buildings. I like when buildings have intricate lacing and details.


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