Love Locks of The Rhine~

We have just arrived, jet-lagged, in Cologne, Germany. The Cologne Cathedral is on beautiful display outside our hotel window. It is stunning at sunset.
The Hohenzollern Bridge over The Rhine River leads into the old city. Every inch of the bridge fencing on one side is covered with hundreds of thousands of “love locks!”
Lovers place these locks on the bridge swearing ever-lasting love and toss the keys into the Rhine.
We are traveling and I will be blogging as we go. Please understand that I will not be able to follow and comment on your posts as much as I would like. I will check in though, whenever I can.
Until then, cheers to you from beautiful Cologne Germany~

172 thoughts on “Love Locks of The Rhine~

  1. Liebe Cindy kaum bist du in Köln angekommen und schon hast du die Sonne mitgebracht ja Köln ist eine Reise wert,hast du schon das Kölsch probiert und ein Halver Hahn ist ein Röggelchen mit dicken Käse und Butter ?? schöne Zeit wünscht dir Klaus

    • Ich werde es versuchen! Es klingt lecker! Ich habe den Verzehr von viel Schnitzel, spaetzel, Rotkohl und Gewürzgurken. Ich verehre Deutschland und deutsche Küche! ❤ ❤

  2. I just heard a story on this about the love locks and how it is bearing down too much pressure on the bridge. I don’t know if it is true or not, but it is really nice to actually visualize it. Beautiful photos.

    • WOW!!! See above! Clever Yellow Cable voiced this concern. The cumulative weight must be formidable. I did see an article awhile ago that I paid no attention to about finding another way to mark your love. Interesting & thanks for pointing it out~

    • Yes, so do I, whenever I am not here. There is something truly remarkable about the place, the food, the friendly people, the charming villages, the constant green, and the Bavarian country life and furniture. I am hooked on Germay!

  3. Hey Cindy: Can’t tell you how much we’ve missed visiting your blog!!! We’ve been locked away the past two months trying to finish Book #2 in our P-7 series. But we’re almost done & can’t wait to get back to our blogosphere & favorite haunts!! All this post did was make us hungry for your beautiful pictures!! These are breathtaking Cindy!!! Once again you leave us in awe!! Sharing this now. 😉 xo ❤

    • I know about your book and can’t wait to read it!! I’m thinking you two should come to Brugge where I am no. It would be a wonderful place to write and then there is the chocolate…….. 🙂
      ❤ ❤

  4. Cindy!!!…
    I loved the meaning behind those locks…
    A sort of german version of the italian Trevi Fountain and the coins !…
    Thanks for sharing. All my best wishes to you,
    Aquileana 😀

  5. Kholn…I simply loved it when I visited it some years ago, during Christmas holidays…so beautiful!
    Anyway, do you know the trendsetter of lovers’ padlocks in a bridge was an italian writer? He starts this trend by his novel for young people, titled “three meters above the sky”, nice story…his name is Federico Moccia 😉

    • I remember seeing these locks in Italy but I do not know this story and will research it. It sounds lovely and very Italian! Vive Italia. I can’t believe we are not visiting this trip, we nearly always do!!! ❤ ❤

  6. I’m having a bit of trouble getting a post reply in here and there, but will try again. 🙂 I am really enjoying all your wonderful photos and love them all. and see that you are reading mine. Thanks so much. I will continue to read and follow yours and enjoy all I see. 🙂

  7. Such a wonderful way to demonstrate the diverse and beauty in ‘locks’ Cindy! I loved the gorgeous sky in the first picture! I am enthralled with the ‘love locks’ on the bridge of the Rhine. this reminds me of “Letters to Juliet” and the way they are given such prominence in France. The one with the crocodile or alligator is so cool, along with the photo of all of them combined. Thanks for the views, Cindy!

    • One of the loveliest trips in the world, passing through some of the most idyllic villages, and of course the incredible German food. You will have the most delightful time!

  8. Gorgeous photos, Cindy! You certainly picked the best place in Cologne, what a grand location. It’s my favourite place in town (only 20 minutes away from Bonn where I live); the Hohenzollernbridge and the Cathedral always present a different look and magic. Funny; there are more than 35.000 love locks on this bridge. I made a post on the locks a couple of years ago (Forever Love) and your two last images show the same locks I posted! 🙂
    Happy travelling!

    • Wow that is synchronisitic and gives me goose bumps! You are so lucky to live in one of my most favorite places. I am posting soon on Warnemunde, what a wonderful surprise this place was! Cheers to you and thank you~

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