Prague’s Fairytale Rooftops~

Prague, the magical fairyland……
The rooftops fascinate!
This is where the fairies come to dance, in this magical fairytale city.
All of Prague is like a fairyland and when you are here you are sure the fairies are too.
Who else were these rooftops built for?
We of course can enjoy them, but only the fairies can dance up there!
Feeling a bit nostalgic for Prague and I thought you might enjoy some images too!
Okay….. so this isn’t exactly a roof, it’s a ceiling, but I included it because in Prague the things under the roof are just as beautiful as the things on the roof!
Cheers to you from incomparable Prague~

262 thoughts on “Prague’s Fairytale Rooftops~

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  2. Oh my God, Cindy….this might be our favorite!!! Ging is going banana’s!!! lmao These are just….exquisite!!! That’s the only word that comes to mind!!! Unbelievable my dear, you have transcended to that artistic place where one has become their art!!! The two joined!!! 😉 xoxox Sharing this now!!! 😉


    • You two have to go to Prague!! I can just imagine how it would get your creative juices flowing. It is truly a magical place made for creative talents like you two. Wish I could meet you there when you go!! I am the one who is so lucky to have met you two!! Hugz & gratitude for both of you~


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