Tiger Breath!

We got close enough to see the tiger’s breath! Click to enlarge and see for yourself. If I had to come home from vacation, I must admit this was a very good way to do it!!
The Sumatran Tigers are in a brand new, outdoor, 5.2 acre, multi-level exhibit at The San Diego Safari (Wild Animal) Park. The exhibit houses breeding tigers and is filled with trees, plants, waterfalls, streams and ponds.
There are currently approximately 400 Sumatran Tigers left in the wild.
There were originally nine sub-species of tigers in our world, but three of these are now extinct due to habitat destruction and poaching. All tiger sub-species are critically endangered.
Poachers kill Sumatran Tigers for their bones which are used in traditional Chinese herbal medicine.
The San Diego Zoo and Park supports tiger conservation by breeding tigers to insure genetic diversity through cooperative exchange. It also actively supports The International Rhino Foundation whose mission is to protect Sumatran rhinos, tigers and other mammals in Indonesia, with seven trained patrol units that deactivate snares and traps, and apprehend poachers.
It is painful to contemplate killing such magnificent creatures, much less wiping out whole sub-species. Hopefully the efforts of the San Diego Zoo to conserve and educate will help to prevent further destruction.
For more info check out: http://www.sandiegozooglobal.org/ICR/purpose
My son volunteered for the non-profit ICR and can attest to the cutting edge work they do daily in species conservation.
Cheers to you from these incredible animals at Tiger Trails~

182 thoughts on “Tiger Breath!

  1. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    The fact is that we do need to conserve animals in any environment possible to ensure their existence. When you see animals in spacious and natural settings where they can roam and interact with others then it has my vote. It would of course be wonderful if they could remain in their natural environment but our education of those who are tearing that apart is too slow to be effective. These beautiful animals look content and very healthy. A great project.


  2. Such beautiful and magnificent creatures. I knew it was happening but I was completely taken aback when I recently read statistics on how many creatures are becoming extinct on a daily basis. I know in my heart that God (or whomever one believes in) will hold man (the supposed intelligent ones) accountable. Sorry for my rant but it just breaks my heart to see what people are doing. Your photographs are amazing and thank goodness we have these organizations working an uphill battle–but still working.


    • I know in my heart exactly what you do and feel precisely the same. Almost like we were given a test with this earth and it’s creatures and we have failed this test miserably. Each of us does what we can, but it seems so little in the face of so much wastage. Some humans think they can destroy with no repurcussions……I am so glad there are people like you, lots of us actually. We need to start to ROAR!!


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  5. OM ! Cindy dear ! What a fabulous series of tiger portraits and gorgeous close ups ! You have so efectively and dynamically captured this powerful animal ! Love and kisses , Doda 🙂 xoxoxo


  6. Chinese medicine has a lot to answer for in the animal world these days! But I know the current great extinctions are not that simply explained. You captured this magnificent creature so perfectly!


  7. These photographs are so professional and up close and personal, too! I like that you were able to capture the breath of a tiger, Cindy! Outstanding and you should win awards with these! Smiles, Robin


    • Oh how lovely of you Amy and it is a good cauuse. Let me check into this. I believe you are entitled to be a member. I will get back to you. As a member you get free passes all year, get invited to behind the scenes events, get passes for friends and get the monthly newsletter with great photos!


      • If that is their policy, it’s fine with me. For so much they do for nature, I’m perfectly happy to buy the tickets for both of us when I come to visit you 🙂


      • Not happening girlfriend. Let’s do this, wait for summer to pass and the crowds to leave. Fall is nice there. Then you and yours visit the WAP on our guest passes with us. It is a wonderful place with wonderful creatures and plants, and only better with you and yours along! I can’t wait to see your photos and read your post about it, much less see the place through your amazing eyes.


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