Flying Flowers~

Wow! Did I have fun today! The San Diego Safari Park had their spring Butterfly Encounter and this was the first year I was home to see it. The butterflies flew around you in an open-air aviary. (Please click to enlarge).
We all were mesmerized. I was blown away by how gentle the little children were, cupping their hands to protect the landing butterflies.
See for yourself, the butterflies were ethereal!
The flowers were pretty amazing too~
It was wonderful to be reminded how much children naturally love our planet’s creatures.
The butterflies reminded me of the ones I saw in Iguazu Falls who loved to hitch rides on humans.
You had to be inspected before you left to make sure you weren’t carrying out a hitchiker!
They were not the least bit afraid.
What an amazing experience!
I almost made it out with this hitchiker on me!
Cheers to you from our planet’s amazing flying flowers~

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous – that first shot is so crisp. I feel like I can reach out and encourage that orange butterfly to land on my hand. It must have been exhilarating to see these beautiful critters up close…

  2. These are perhaps the most outstanding butterflies I’ve ever seen. So many varieties. And such color. So glad you were able to get by — we’ve all profited from your experience!

  3. il nostro mondo meraviglioso!!!! di quanta bellezza ci circondaa! grazie infinite per questi scastti favolosi
    buon giorno!

    our wonderful world!!!! how much beauty there circondaa! Thank you so much for these fabulous scastti


  4. Cindy these beautiful butterflies rival the gorgeous flowers you always share…I feel so blessed tonight because I love butterflies and they have inspired many poems for me! Thanks for sharing the pictures they are so very beautiful! God bless!

  5. I wonder if the feeling I have looking at these is a drop in the bucket compared to how you must have felt to be there? Cindy, I had to remember to breath while looking at your exquisite photos of these beautiful painted creatures. Thank you times 10!

  6. Wonderful photos of beautiful butterflies. Thanks for sharing these. I am a little envious of the opportunity to experience something like this.

    1. I have to admit I was wondering why I have never managed to be home for the exhibit before. It was simply incredible. Some times when you travel a lot you miss the wonders right under your nose~

  7. I love flutterbys! We went to a butterfly place in St. Thomas, oh what beautiful flying flowers they have down there. I learned a lot from talking to the keepers. The lil buggers do like to sit on humans. . Maybe cuz we’re warm? Anyway. Great photos! I love how you can see the pattern in the eyes!

    1. Considering all the bad news in the media everyday about the youth of America, it was so wonderful to be reminded of the incredible sweetness of children.

      1. And I was also reminded of our wonderful young ones yesterday when I read this by Tomie dePaola, in his author’s note on The Legend of the Bluebonnet; “….She -Who-Is-Alone’s act of thrusting her beloved doll into the fire to save her people represents the decisive sort of action that many young people are capable of, the kind of selfless action that creates miracles.”

  8. Thank you! I so love butterflies. I love them so much I’ve allowed milkweed to run rampant in my garden for the monarch butterflies. Your photos are breathtaking:D

      1. My thoughts exactly. There was this little boy who said to his mom, “There’s a lady having ice cream BEFORE lunch!”
        Mom says, “I know.”
        Boy, “I want ice cream before lunch.”
        Mom says, “No.”
        Boy, “That lady is……..”
        Laughing. It took all my restraint not to buy the kid an ice-cream~

      1. Have seen your exquisite photos, I need not to bring my camera πŸ™‚ Yep, I mentioned to my husband the other day that the park is on our list.

  9. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Cindy! I love butterflies. Before we had a chemical crazy neighbor here, a few other neighbors and I had butterfly gardens and we had crowds of them all the time. Once the herbicides and pesticides started to be applied all the time they mostly disappeared.

      1. I love them all:-) and eventually those of us with lots of butterfly love will prevail and they will come back. Thank you for sharing your beautiful visions of nature with us!

      1. The poison loving people were shown the butterflies and pointed out the larval plants-and they proceeded to specifically poison them even to actually using herbicides on blooming garden plants and killing them:-( Like Monsanto itself, it appears some of its customers are just not into life/living things, beauty or community and responsibility. I feel more hopeful than I did tho since many other people are now taking up butterfly gardens and permaculture in our area. Eventually the Monsanto glee club crowd will be outnumbered and overtaken by laws banning destructive poisons.

      2. Oh! I have known people like that! I am so sorry for you, to be living so closely with people who think that they thrive on domination. I am relieved that you see permaculture and butterfly gardens surrounding them, and possibly putting them “out of business” so to speak. Then, they can dominate by being the best growers of organic berries πŸ™‚

  10. Wow what an awesome experience, I bet it does wonders for your health as well – slows down the heart rate and probably lowers the blood pressure. Nature has wonderful healing powers and there’s so much beauty too!

    1. Yes indeed! It has always had a profoundly calming effect on me. It’s hard to worry to much when you are surrounded by such productive wildlife busily and happily going about their business. Hope your hubby and you spend some healing time in nature when he’s up and ready. Hugz to you my friend~

    1. Lovely isn’t it? The gentle rapture on the face of the children was priceless but I didn’t photograph them because I didn’t have their parent’s permission~

  11. Hi Cindy,
    Pictures of the butterflies are beautiful and I love ’em, but I’ve always found that as good as the picture may be, it pales in comparison to seeing the real thing up close and natural. Hugs, Cuz !

  12. Wow! If you did not tell us that these were in a live butterfly exhibit I would have thought that you had amazing luck with the flowers and buttersflies together. The photos are stuning still. In a recent conversation with someone who enjoys nature photography, he said that birds and butterflies will tend to come back to which ever flower/branch they were one. Rather than chasing them around, he set up his equipment where they are then waits for them to return. Currently, our temperatures have just risen enough for the flies to hatch from all the manure we add to our garden plots. They are doing their job breaking down the soil, but certainly obnoxious when they come into the cabin. Sorry, that I have been abscent recently. Trying to catch up on garden prep work after this winter.

    1. Yes, I finally figured this out in the exhibit. Park by the busy flower and don’t move. It worked! I remember being beseiged by flies in a cabin in Capitol Reef. Not fun at all. No problem about being absent. We wait for you~

  13. polka dotted eyeballs!! Why don’t WE get polka dotted eyeballs! Sakes alive, I have never seen such close ups of these magick creatures–I believe they are angels, for sure. I just can’t imagine how you’ve done this–butterfly whisperer, maybe? bzz-bzz…

    Gosh. I skim and I scan, and it’s just like candy…>!<

  14. Great photos. I especially like the first one (the eyes are amazing).
    Our granddaughter can be pretty hyper when she visits us here on the farm. But she loves butterflies so much that when she’s at the butterfly bushes she can play for hours. Children’s natural love for beautiful creatures is a wonderful thing to see.

    1. It is a shame that we teach that wonder out of children. It is so good to reclaim it! You grandaughter sounds delightful. Cheers to you and thanks for stopping by~

  15. I love planting specific species of plants in my garden to attract the butterflies. Love these photos outstanding job! So hard, we are moving and I will not be able to take all of my flowers. Starting over again… Melody

  16. Cheers to a butterfly show … (we occasionally go to one here) … and they offer countless photo ops … and even more for someone like yourself who knows how to use a good camera!

  17. Absolutely stunning, Cindy! I went to a butterfly garden in a Seattle zoo once and was mesmerized. I could have spent the entire day there. Lovely, lovely pictures!

    1. YEP!!! I just went back because by hubby wanted to see them. Got some great shots of the Blue Morphos. It is a wonderful experience and I am glad you know this first hand!

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    1. WP glitches are what happened! Someone else mentioned this. Today in my reader I had 6 hours of people’s post and then it jumped to 1 month ago, eliminating more than 29 days of posts from my reader. Impressive!

  19. Cindy…I feel literally humbled when I come to your blog!! <3 Your incredible eye for art & beauty and your skill having mastered your craft is mind boggling! Being able to look at the product of these things leaves me: humbled…emotional….joyous…amazed…& grateful to know you & call you friend. πŸ˜‰

    1. Well, you know there is a reason why I blog, and you are a perfect example of why I do it. I have such gratitude for the incredibly kind, generous and talented friends, I have made through blogging. You enrich my life and bring me joy. I would never have the opportunity to meet you if it were not for blogging, and so I am very grateful. Hugz to you my friend and thank you for your generosity of spirit and for sharing your God given talents with all of us~

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