A Holler Homecoming~

There are the flutterbyes flying. (Please click to enlarge)
Bees buzzin, flowers bloomin.

The Holler hummers,

are happy we’re home!
DSC01759 (1)
The drought has broken and the rain is falling.
Hawks are courting,

and looking for nests!


Where ever we roam, there’s no place like home!
And cheers to you from all the Holler happy critters, including us~

196 thoughts on “A Holler Homecoming~

  1. Beautiful photos! I especially love the hummingbirds, my very good friends and regular visitors at our cottage in summer in Michigan. Seeing them here gives me hope that this long, ungodly stretch of frigid winter will someday give up and let those hummers get on back to another summer!


    • Yes, my son called them this when he was little and it stuck with me! According to old myth, people thought they ate butter which they don’t so I like the name better too!


    • There should have been a winter with frost, below freezing nights and cold rain and sleet, but due to the drought it has been an endless, scary summer! So happy for the rain. Cheers to you and thank you too!


  2. so funny–I am scanning, enjoying the picks of the hummers–then all of a sudden–this HUGE hummer! ha ha! I quickly discovered it was the Hawk Hummer variety, but for a minute there….woooh!! Welcome home, Cindy. “we” sure had a great time…:)


    • We always do! Please come with me on my next foray to Canada to photograph the Bald Eagles…….you can be the writer, I’ll stick with photos~ btb I loved ‘Luci’—-just read it, wonderful~


  3. I did not get the chance to hop in your cyber suitcase for this trip because we have been on the road in NZ so have a lot of catching up to do.We get home in 4 days time ….
    Isn’t it good to be home Cindy. wow those hawks really “eyeball” you, stunning…


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