A Holler Homecoming~

There are the flutterbyes flying. (Please click to enlarge)
Bees buzzin, flowers bloomin.

The Holler hummers,

are happy we’re home!
DSC01759 (1)
The drought has broken and the rain is falling.
Hawks are courting,

and looking for nests!


Where ever we roam, there’s no place like home!
And cheers to you from all the Holler happy critters, including us~

196 thoughts on “A Holler Homecoming~

  1. Nice critters to come home to. As the snow geese and sandhill cranes are leaving, I’m starting to see a larger variety of birds. We won’t see hummingbirds until the end of May.

      1. Well, I mean it – it is so brown and white here with the horrible single digit winter that seeing your colors and brightness is like a breath of fresh air – an oasis in a desert. Thank you.

    1. the hawks and raptors are my favorites.
      they don’t trust us. for good reason.
      but living with them, they get curious,
      they want to look closer at this odd creature that is always taking their photos, so they come closer.
      as much as they can tolerate me, they do.
      they must know how much i respect them.
      i know you do too.
      you could come out here and hang out with the hawks.

      1. Yes, that would be lovely. They are a beautiful bird. We have them here in Indiana too, many smaller red shoulder hawks, but some red tail too. They sit high up in a near by walnut tree, and while there the hens stay in the covering of their run. I think and hope these city hawks prefer a smaller bird than my girls. πŸ˜‰

      1. I am just the opposite. I had to travel so much for work, that I dread the mere thought of getting on another airplane. But we do make trips about every 3-4 months, the last was to Las Vegas, the next to Utah.

      2. Yes work travel definitely does not count. I used to have nightmares about being sent to even more distant places when I worked forcing separation from my children. Work travel isn’t travel in my book……completely different experience.

      1. they (the Anna’s hummingbirds) do come and visit, but they have been ignoring the red sugar water. πŸ™‚ The chickadees are getting more use out of it!

        plus they have been giving the cold shoulder to the bright plastic flowers on the new hummingbird feeder we bought a month ago. πŸ™‚

        we’re going to start planting flowers to entice them to come.

        you have a massive flock of them around your feeder!!!

  2. Beautiful pics, Cindy. How are y’all doing with the rain in your area? Is any of that really bad weather near you? We just got another 3in of white last night…, oh, well !!! Welcome home.

    1. Thank you cuz, we are well over three inches at this time and still falling. No problems here so far. It is a huge relief as it was killing trees and wildlife and was quite depressing!

  3. Just goes to show, you were missed! As usual, these are awesome photos, Cindy! I’m going to have to hit the dictionary and come up with some new descriptive words. I always look forward to your posts! πŸ™‚

  4. I bet it feels good to be back home! I love your pics on the Holler!! The Hawks are fantastic! I would love to see them up close! I adore your other pics too! Gorgeous! Hugz and welcome back home! Hugz Lisa and Bear

  5. Welcome home!!!

    β€œWe shall not cease from exploration
    And the end of all our exploring
    Will be to arrive where we started
    And know the place for the first time.”
    ― T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets

  6. With cold weather and snow in the forecast, the flower and hummingbird pictures are a nice reminder that someday it will again be summer. πŸ™‚

  7. My Gosh Cindy do you ever tire of being that freaking great!! That first picture is out of this frigging world! I don’t think I truly knew what colors we’re til I started following your blog! Once again, you’ve left me in awe of your talent!! Can’t wait to share these with the world. Brilliant work πŸ˜‰

  8. Beautiful photos! I especially love the hummingbirds, my very good friends and regular visitors at our cottage in summer in Michigan. Seeing them here gives me hope that this long, ungodly stretch of frigid winter will someday give up and let those hummers get on back to another summer!

    1. Yes, my son called them this when he was little and it stuck with me! According to old myth, people thought they ate butter which they don’t so I like the name better too!

    1. There should have been a winter with frost, below freezing nights and cold rain and sleet, but due to the drought it has been an endless, scary summer! So happy for the rain. Cheers to you and thank you too!

    1. Ahhh thank you my friend. The beauty is around all of us everyday, everywhere, one just has to look for it. I know you are fully aware of this Resa, because you find and/or create beauty everyday in your art~

      1. I laughed when you were the first to like that “Cherry Tree Art” picture. Only a holler gal could appreciate that kind of mess.
        You really had me going the first time I read about your holler. I was really thinking you lived in Kentucky!

  9. so funny–I am scanning, enjoying the picks of the hummers–then all of a sudden–this HUGE hummer! ha ha! I quickly discovered it was the Hawk Hummer variety, but for a minute there….woooh!! Welcome home, Cindy. “we” sure had a great time…:)

    1. We always do! Please come with me on my next foray to Canada to photograph the Bald Eagles…….you can be the writer, I’ll stick with photos~ btb I loved ‘Luci’—-just read it, wonderful~

  10. I did not get the chance to hop in your cyber suitcase for this trip because we have been on the road in NZ so have a lot of catching up to do.We get home in 4 days time ….
    Isn’t it good to be home Cindy. wow those hawks really “eyeball” you, stunning…

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