Vienna: The City of Ethereal Horses~


Vienna is full of gorgeous horses, in the flesh and depicted in stunning classical statues all over the city.

There are the famous Lipizzaner stallions housed in the equally famous Spanish Riding School.

And there are beautiful carriage horses working all over the magical city.

The Lipizzaner stallions are one of the oldest breeds in Europe.

I viewed them several times not performing but during their morning exercise.

I prefer seeing horses more naturally.

The stallions are brought to Vienna when they are four year olds and are then trained in classical dressage.

There are only 3,000 Lipizzaner’s registered worldwide.


Vienna is an incredibly beautiful city and horse lovers will find much to admire in addition to the incomparable art, architecture, history, music and culture. And please don’t forget the Viennese pastry! I certainly cannot. I would like to be beamed there right now for some delectable pastry mit schlag (with whipping cream), thank you very much!

Cheers to you from the horse (and schlag) loving Holler!

117 thoughts on “Vienna: The City of Ethereal Horses~

  1. I have seen the Lipizzaners perform twice; once when I was a little girl and once as an adult. Both times with my mom, and I BEGGED her both times to buy me one. Didn’t work either time. They are just perfection. As are these photos!


  2. These white horses look majestic. They also remind me of the Mr. Ed the old TV series.

    Viennese pastry — that sounds good. I hope it is not too expensive to get a round trip “beamed” ticket to Vienna.


  3. Looks like you’re on a roll, Cindy. Horses…, and more horses…, and I love it !!! Had planned a trip to Vienna the year I had my transplant, but guess which took precedence? Still a dream in progress though. The Lippizanners are gorgeous…, so white, so beautiful. G’nite, Cuz.


    • I had to research this a lot before I posted to try to ascertain whether the training is humane. It sounds from available materials on the internet that it is. Plus Austria is a major horse loving country, so I hope we can be assured they do have good lives. Thank you for caring~


  4. These horses, the photos of them take my breath away. From the bottom of my heart thank you for sharing beauty in every essence of the word.


  5. They are so beautiful and your pictures do them justice Cindy. I was in Vienna via work once but the Spanish Riding School was closed. So, I must return. I did see the Lipizzaners here at our Virginia Horse Center. They seem to have yearly shows of the dressage maneuvers of these fabulous creatures. Thanks for sharing. Vienna is back on my bucket list.


  6. So Cindy, I can see you have moved from the horses of Patagonia to the horses of Vienna and entered the horsy phase of your blog. ๐Ÿ™‚ They are beautiful animals, I admit. Were you one of the girls that fell in love with horses before you recognized the existence of boys. (grin) โ€“Curt


  7. Fabulous photos! I once went to Vienna for the Christmas market and had a wonderful time. There was snow and with the magical lights everywhere it was really beautiful. I stayed in the Hotel Stephanie which was amazing.


  8. The horses are magnificent but I like the wild horses myself. Freedom is important to me and when they free and wild, I can be one of them. I don’t like being held captive, no matter how cushy the accommodations.


    • Yes! It is quite a difference isn’t it? A free animal in charge of it’s destiny versus one under human control. This is why I get thrilled out of my gourd when I see wild animals. I am not at all surprised that you feel this way and I respect you greatly for it! Of course, I respect you greatly for many things……


  9. Gorgeous horses, and your pictures of them are perfect! Even the statues of the horses are beautiful (although I still blush when I see statues of a guy with his junk showing, but that’s just the leftover juvenile side of me I guess). I hope those magnificent horses are treated well and loved — they are truly beautiful!


  10. I had the pleasure of visiting the Spanish Riding School many years ago. The horest are magical, aren’t they? I remember the incredible ability of this regal creatures to prance around the arena with barely the sound of a hoof in the dirt. Absolutely incredible! Your pictures are wonderful! Cher


  11. Hi, Cindy! I’m glad to have discovered your blog. Your description of where you live, your “holler”, really caught my attention and sounds kinda far out. lol. I saw the Lippizanas in Vienna when I was there with my mom quite a few years ago- gorgeous! Although I do love what you say about seeing horses in their more natural state. Anyway, thanks for your “like” and stopping by The Song Mistress. :))


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