If Wishes Were Horses……..


these horses would be mine! (Please click to enlarge).

I was one of those young girls who loved horses more than boys……for awhile at least! And they still have the power over me.


Beauty is indeed truth, and truth for me has always been horses.


The Holler has a history of housing some pretty incredible horses. Check out these beauties for example.


Seabiscuit, Seattle Slew and Secretariat all had foals here and the multi-National Champion Khemosabi lived here. Seabiscuit had 108 foals, only one of which had a successful racing career. That thoroughbred was Sea Orbit, nicknamed Baby Biscuit who was a Hollerite. Blanco the Andalusian named Shadowfax in the Lord of the Rings movies lives here too.


Holler town is horse town.


I’ve seen some pretty amazing horses around the world.

The free ranging horses of Patagonia for example and the peerless Lipzzaner stallions in Vienna.

I think though, more than any other, I like this little rescued miniature donkey the best!

He so wanted to come out and play with me and I so wanted to take him home!

Cheers to you from Holler-Horse… and Donkey Town!

175 thoughts on “If Wishes Were Horses……..

  1. I have loved horses all my life. I think they have got to be one of the, if not the, grandest animal on the planet! Not to mention what mankind owes to the horses (farming, transportation, etc.)! And that little donkey is so adorable! These are beautiful pictures, Cindy.


  2. These are gorgeous, handsome horses. I’ve learned a little bit about horses from a couple who have a couple horses in Wyoming, and that’s where they spend their vacation time…
    Thank you for sharing your story, Cindy!


  3. I am with everyone else. I’m horse crazy too! And truth be told I would give up all men for a horse – even more so if it were of Khemosabi’s bloodline. He was an incredible Arabian stallion. You are very fortunate to live in such a horse-rich place. I’m VERY envious!


  4. gorgeous horses, my uncle used to raise/board/ride/show horses, when I was very young I was fortunate to be around them as we lived close by, but we move when I was 10 and that was that…yes the donkey is very cute!


    • He really thought he could walk out of the corral! Laughing……I fell in love with him. Plus he was hell on the coyotes…..went after them like a banshee!!! It was hilarious. Laughing! He would be perfect for The Holler if only I didn’t travel all the time!


    • I know, I know, I want him too!!! Looking at the pics brings it back. I can adopt him, but it always come back to I travel too much!! He went after the dogs (and the coyotes too apparently) like nobody’s business. The dogs played tag with him. It was hilarious! He is so friendly and cuddly……Sigh~


  5. “If wishes were horses,…..then beggars would ride” ! That was one of my grandmothers favorite retorts when she would hear me say “I wish…”
    “A horse, a horse.., my kingdom for a horse!” …and I want one of those dappled silvers in the top pictures !!! They’re all just beautiful, Cindy. After you’ve been owned by a horse, you’re hooked for life. They’re just the most wonderful animals ever. The little donkey does steal your heart doesn’t it ? Hugs !


  6. Beautiful Blog and photos. I have always loved horses and their beauty. Here in Reno, NV we have beautiful wild horses that roam into the city streets at times and it angers me that people are so cruel to them. Yet on the flip side we also have bears that people think are cute to continuously feed. Would love to adopt a wild horse or two or three!


    • WOW!!! I am rather stunned! Wild horses that roam into the streets!!!
      In Reno? I had no idea.
      I’ve seen them in the wilds of Nevada! What a total thrill they are to see so free!
      Feeding bears??? What’s wrong with some people………


      • The horses are beautiful. They are causing NO harm. Those wild horses you have seen in the wilds of Nevada come down into the City streets. And it is a thrill. I usually pull over and watch them losing myself in their beauty. That is the new issue with bears people feed them and are not afraid of them. Can you imagine?


      • I’m still stunned about the wild horses in the city……I would LOVE to see this!!
        The bears is just pathetic really. They will turn them into problem bears and then someone will shoot them.
        I can’t imagine…….


  7. They are so beautiful!! I too was one of those young girls who thought horses were better than boys for a time. I had a beautiful little quarter horse. And she was so sweet. Horses have so much heart. I love to just watch them.


  8. Liebe Cindy das sind ja wirkich wunderschöne prachtvolle Pferde da hätte ich mich auch sofort drin verliebtsie sind einfach nur schön danke dir für diese schönen Fotos einen schönen Dienstag wünsche dir Klaus in Freundschaft Klaus


  9. The dappled grays are beautiful, but the whites are just stunning. And I cannot forget the little donkey. BTW, the amazing Lipizzaners will play a role in my next novel. Stay tuned!


  10. Great photos, and I say that as someone who was surprised to learn as a boy, that I couldn’t grow up to be Roy Rogers! I didn’t know you couldn’t have more than one singing cowboy named Roy Rogers with a horse named Trigger. The world’s loss… ha ha ha.


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