If Wishes Were Horses……..


these horses would be mine! (Please click to enlarge).

I was one of those young girls who loved horses more than boys……for awhile at least! And they still have the power over me.


Beauty is indeed truth, and truth for me has always been horses.


The Holler has a history of housing some pretty incredible horses. Check out these beauties for example.


Seabiscuit, Seattle Slew and Secretariat all had foals here and the multi-National Champion Khemosabi lived here. Seabiscuit had 108 foals, only one of which had a successful racing career. That thoroughbred was Sea Orbit, nicknamed Baby Biscuit who was a Hollerite. Blanco the Andalusian named Shadowfax in the Lord of the Rings movies lives here too.


Holler town is horse town.


I’ve seen some pretty amazing horses around the world.

The free ranging horses of Patagonia for example and the peerless Lipzzaner stallions in Vienna.

I think though, more than any other, I like this little rescued miniature donkey the best!

He so wanted to come out and play with me and I so wanted to take him home!

Cheers to you from Holler-Horse… and Donkey Town!

175 thoughts on “If Wishes Were Horses……..

    • What a lovely story and what a beautiful post! I left you some comments. Doesn’t surprise me that we share this love of horses one bit! But your story took me back in time to your childhood and I enjoyed it immensely.
      One note, it is beyond remarkable, that people from your past in the UK keep finding you on your blog, and reach out to you. You must have left such positive impressions!
      Cheers to you my friend and to the memories of beautiful Pandora~


  1. After lo these many years I am still enamored of horses. Yours in the Holler are spectacularly beautiful and so very healthy looking. The little donkey is a charmer though. Thanks for sharing these smile-producing photos. 🙂


  2. Beautiful photos! I particularly love the ones you took of the miniature donkey–he has such soulful eyes! I would have wanted to take him home, too.


  3. Awesome pics! I love horses too! That donkey is so darn cute!! On my way home I get to see horses and Shetland ponies! Ahhh to be rich and be able to have them too!! Hugz Lisa and Bear


    • My friends had Shetlands when I was young. Quite adorable! The donkey was a big surprise because I don’t know much about them and was enchanted by his personality, spunk and affectionate nature. Just an adorable little guy~


  4. Oh! I’m so very jealous! Horses! What can I say? I love them with a passion and I cannot explain it since I have had very little to do with any. My Bucket List mentions horses, a lot, I want tone, or many more and ti travel the world, before I have them, and see all the different horses I can.
    I am so grateful you visited my blog, Thank yu for these beautiful photos.
    Bless, Susan x


    • Yes, this is where I am. I travel too much now to have one, but I get my horse quota by seeking them out wherever I go! Thank you so much Susan for your appreciation and I look forward to you following your dream~


  5. Your photos would make perfect wallpapers for my computer (since the year of the horse will arrive in less than a month).
    I hope you don’t mind me downloading them for personal use, Cindy. 😀


  6. This is the Year of the Horse: (for entertainment purposes)

    Characteristics of the people born in the year of horse, people who would turn 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96 or 108…
    The spirit of the horse is recognized to be the Chinese people’s ethos – making unremitting efforts to improve themselves. It is energetic, bright, warm-hearted, intelligent and able. Ancient people liked to designate an able person as ‘Qianli Ma’, a horse that covers a thousand li a day (one li equals 500 meters).

    People born in the year of the horse have ingenious communicating techniques and in their community they always want to be in the limelight. They are clever, kind to others, and like to join in a venture career. Although they sometimes talk too much, they are cheerful, perceptive, talented, earthy but stubborn. They like entertainment and large crowds. They are popular among friends, active at work and refuse to be reconciled to failure, although their endeavor cannot last indefinitely.

    They cannot bear too much constraint. However their interest may be only superficial and lacking real substance. They are usually impatient and hot blooded about everything other than their daily work. They are independent and rarely listen to advice. Failure may result in pessimism. They usually have strong endurance but with bad temper. Flamboyant by nature, they are wasteful since they are not good with matters of finance due to a lack of budgetary efficiency. Some of those who are born in the horse like to move in glamorous circles while pursuing high profile careers. They tend to interfere in many things and frequently fail to finish projects of their own.


    • So interesting! You have an encyclopedic knowledge of things Fae. Most impressive! I hope this will be a great year for you my dear and thank you for this! Should be an most engaging year!!! Cheers Fae~


  7. There’s time to still take in the National Western Stock Show in Denver. You’ll see plenty of horses there along with cows, pigs and other livestock. 🙂


  8. Once again, I am so taken with these gorgeous images and your writing! I too am a horse lover & grew up with them. My grandfather, who bred Quarter Horses, used to talk about Seabiscuit and going to watch him race. There is something about a horse…they are so intuitive, so spiritual. You should go on a horseback safari in S.A. There are some good ones around Kruger! Thank you for this beautiful post.


    • Oh my gosh! A horseback safari in SA? This I had never heard of and it sounds divine….Wouldn’t the horse spook when encountering a lion or wild dogs or such? Now you’ve got me intrigued! Cheers to you and thanks too!


  9. Ooooh!! They’d be mine too! Especially the grey! Beautiful photos and I was just like you re horses and boys 😉 The little donkey is cute and I love the colouring. Not seen one like that before 🙂


    • I hadn’t seen a donkey like this either and he was 100% personality…apparently gives coyotes no quarter and dogs either……they constantly chased each other and it was a hoot! Cheers to you & Wolf child~


    • You have good taste! That horse is a Lippanzzer Stallion in Vienna. I have more photos of these gorgeous horses that I should post. Yes Warhouse was distressing and very many horses have been killed in combat which is depressing~


  10. The donkey with those markings is a sweety,
    but the dapple grey was my pick.
    Also those herds of wild horses in your other post looked free as the wind.
    I am know nothing about horses, Paulin is the horses lover.


  11. Cindy, I love all your photos, but horses are a particular love of mine too. I rode as a girl and loved horses more than boys, but only till about 15. 😉

    Lovely shots! I would love to see the Lippizaners again. I was able to see them as a young girl.


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